Short & Smart: Styles for short hair

Published On: January 6, 2017 12:29 AM NPT By: Joshna Karki

Established fifteen years ago, Galz Beauty Parlor is run by the three Shrestha sisters. The eldest sister, Osha Mulmi Shrestha, started working when she was sixteen and though experienced, she still travels abroad for trainings to enhance her beauty and makeup skills. “In cosmetology, theoretical specialization goes hand in hand with practical skills. But, in Nepal cosmetology is perceived as a skill learned with few months of training with little to no theoretical specialization,” says Onisha. It is necessary to grow with time and trends, both practically and theoretically, adds Osha.

Talking about trend, short haircut is in vogue and everyone seems to like their hair short for a myriad of reasons. Whether it is to look stylish or to be free from hair care hassle, gone are the days when only middle-aged women only opted for short hair. People also tend to keep their hair short because of dryness of hair, split ends and extensive hair fall. Short hair is easy to handle but hard to manage when it comes to styling. The Week talked to Osha and Onisha for a few easy hairstyles for short hair.

Twisted bun

  • Use a partition comb to make a zigzag partition.
  • Do some back combing to give volume to the hair.
  • Tie the middle back section of the hair. 
  • Then, the rest of the hair above the ear and from the front sections should be twisted.
  • The twisted hair from the right and left section should be pinned alongside the tied hair in cris-cross manner. 
  • Then, the tied hair is bent upwards and kept in place with bobby pins. 
  •  For the bun to stay in place, hairspray can be used.

This hairstyle is a perfect option for any formal events and can be done in a matter of minutes. 

One-sided braid

  • Comb your hair to the roots and then side part your hair.
  • Decide which side of your hair is to be braided.
  • Take small and thin strands.
  • Then make numerous braids that are tight.
  • The braids should then be side swept and kept in place with several bobby pins.
  • Make sure that the other side of the hair is let loose and combed thoroughly.

This hairstyle does take time because you have to make several braids but it is perfectly suitable for a pop-grunge look and attire. Also, it leaves you with tight little curls afterwards.

Fancy front puff /Simple puff

  • Side part your hair for the fancy front puff and back comb as the more you backcomb, the less  the chances for the puff to break.
  • Take the side parted front hair and make a side puff by the twisting the strands.
  • Fix the puff in place with the help of bobby pins. You can also make a front simple puff without making any partitions.
  •  The front section hair can be loosely curled with the help of a curling iron. Keep the curls loose though as it makes your hair look more natural. 

This hairstyle is suitable for formal events. It is easy and can be done quickly.


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