Seven cemented bridges under-construction in west Myagdi

Published On: February 12, 2020 11:15 AM NPT By: RSS

MYAGDI, Feb 12: The construction of cemented bridges over the rivulets in the western belt of Myagdi has taken pace.

The state government has initiated the construction of motorable bridge in seven different places in a way to connect rural settlement and centres of local governments.

It is shared that the cemented bridges would be constructed in the sites within some years, which will enhance connectivity among the distant human settlements.

The Road Division Office Baglung under the federal government is constructing two cemented bridges over Myagdi rivulet while Physical Infrastructure Development Office Myagdi is building bridges in five places.

A bridge is under construction in a way to connect Beni municipality-4, Singa to Mangala rural municipality-3, Barangja. The bridge construction has so far witnessed 45 percent progress.

Likewise, the construction of Myagdi rivulet bridge has been initiated to establish road connectivity linkage from Managala rural municipality's centre Babiyachaur to ward-5 Arman. It has also so far made 40 percent physical progress.

A large settlement of Arman will be directly connected with raod network with the construction of the bridge.

Likewise, two motorable bridges are being constructed along the border of Dhawalagiri and Malika rural municipality. The Infrastructure Development Office Myagdi under the state government has initiated construction of motorable bridges over Myagdi rivulet in Bharwang and Dang Rivulet. The 40-metre-long bridge is to be constructed over Myagdi Rivulet along the border of Malika-7, Bharwang and Dhaulagiri-7, Bagar.

Likewise, a 18-metre-long bridge is being constructed at Fedi rivulet along the border of Malika-5 and Dhaulagiri-7. The construction of a bridge over Phedi rivulet has been stalled due to problem stemming from under-construction hydropower project.

However, preparation is underway to re-design the bridge and take ahead the construction works, shared office in-charge and senior divisional engineer Om Raj Dhungana. He further informed that the construction of Bharwangghat bridge has also taken stride after signing contract document. A road has been constructed from Darwang to Muna through Bim.

Similarly, a design estimate has been prepared for the construction of a bridge over Myagdi rivulet at Chhyachhyare. It will establish straight linkage between the settlement of Chhisbang and Malika's centre Darwang.

Engineer Dhungana further shared that the task related to design survey has taken ahead for the constructio9n of cemented bridge over Myagdi rivulet to connect Singa of Beni municipality to Agebagar.

The bridge construction would contribute to bring about positive changes in the life and livelihood of the community

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