Seti Zonal Hospital overcrowded due to seasonal diseases

Published On: September 8, 2018 02:10 AM NPT By: PUSHPA RAJ JOSHI

KAILALI, Sept 8: With flu, diarrhea and dysentery taking toll on people's health, the number of patients visiting Seti Zonal Hospital in Dhangadhi has increased in this rainy season. According to Krishna Bohora, in-charge of the emergency ward of the hospital, the 'seasonal illness' has made it hard for the hospital to cope with the large number of patients.

"The number of patients has more than doubled. Everyone is suffering from flu, diarrhea and dysentery. And the number of patients is likely to grow," he said. "This actually happens every monsoon. This is a seasonal illness," he added.

Bohora stated that over 100 patients have been visiting the emergency ward on a daily basis. They come to the emergency ward instead of going to the OPD because 'they come to the hospital only when the case gets severe'. And the hospital is not well equipped to handle the crowd. "Even the OPD is equally crowded as we refer them there after some treatment," he informed Republica.

Even though the monsoon triggers this kind of situation every year, the hospital's capacity to handle the patients has remained the same since years. There hasn't been any change in the infrastructure even though it is the most sought after hospital 'by the poor', Bohora laments.

"It is the hospital of the poor. People come here from far away in hope of free or affordable treatment. But in the lack of space, staff and technologies, we can't satisfy them all. Sometimes we can't attend to the patients on time," he said.

According to Bohora, most of the patients are either elderly or little children. They are more vulnerable to monsoon illnesses.

"Children and elderly people are more vulnerable as their health is fragile. We have been giving special care to them," said Bohora.

Also according to Dirgharaj Joshi, health assistant at Masuriya Health Post, seasonal flu has taken serious toll on people's health. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of patients in the health post as well.

"At least 50 patients are coming here every day. In monsoon, water is the reason of all kinds of illnesses. Viral fever, stomach related problems, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc are very common," said Joshi. "In rural areas, people are even more vulnerable. Due to the lack of awareness, they cannot take even basic health care," he added.

Joshi lamented that health posts can't provide adequate service to the people 'in lack of staff and medicines'.

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