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Published On: March 24, 2017 12:20 PM NPT By: Ayushma Basnyat

Gentle and graceful, the deer is a mystical animal. Personifying the spirit of the tranquil deer, Sarang Wildlife Sanctuary rests peacefully amidst the thick jungle in Meghauli, in Narayani. A beautiful and quite escape from the hustle of the city, this resort allows you to be one with nature.

A juxtaposition to the buzzing city of Narayanghat, a one and a half hour drive into the middle of nowhere (that has been carefully signposted, of course) will lead you to this sanctuary. The first thing you must do when you get here?

The fresh air quality that abundant of plants have helped purify will leave you instantly invigorated. As birds from over four hundred species chirp and beckon you into the jungle, hop on onto one of the three elephants that are available at the resort: Shyamkali, Sarangkali and Sohankali. You will soon learn from the naturalist that this part of the jungle is particularly good for spotting a range of animals and birds. 

As our Shyamkali maneuvers through the dense jungle, the naturalist explains to us the jungle- inside out: thoroughly, with crisp details. The resort employs two naturalists who are really good at what they do and particularly adept at tracing rhino steps to show you the perissodactylous mammal in its natural habitat. The elephant safari is really an enlightening activity that allows one to learn firsthand about wildlife. As you cruise through the vast expanse of land, you notice how intertwined ecologies are with one another. It is a process that allows you to ponder over the delicate balance of nature. 

We are able to spot numerous deers, monkeys, birds, wild elephant and, of course, rhinos throughout the jungle through the elephant safari. It is indeed an exciting hour for us as we witness the glorious creatures in their safe space. We consider ourselves particularly grateful to have seen a mother and baby rhino together: Shyamkali very carefully proceeds towards the mother rhino and the baby rhino. We pause for close to two minutes from afar to witness this breathtaking site before the naturalist informs us that we best leave so as not to worry the two creatures. And we are well on our way back to the resort.

The Sarang Wildlife is a good blend of the appeal of the local and traditional with the comfort of modern day life. The twenty-four huts in the resort resemble beautiful Tharu homes. To add to the appeal, very elegant Mithila artwork is used to paint parts of the resort. Inside the huts are local furniture made of bamboo: from the beds and chairs to the cupboards. The rooms are also fully air-conditioned to beat the heat in this dense forest. 
Although located in the middle of nowhere, this abode will bring the best of the modern world to you, should you seek it. Equipped with wireless facility, and located conveniently near Narayanghat, the wonderful staff members will ensure that you get what you want at this sanctuary.

The strength of this resort also lies in the fact that it promotes all things local: from the Mithila artwork to its employees. The resort ensures that it is giving back to the community in terms of generating jobs for the local community and also promoting the local culture. The Tharu dance shows that feature in the hotel are testament to the fact that the brains behind the resort want to promote our beautiful traditional heritage.

Additionally, the friendly resort arranged for us to try local Tharu dish when we inquired about it. Kitchaad (sticky rice), haas (duck), gongi (snails) made for a very unique but delectable dining in the midst of the traditional Tharu village. 

In addition to providing good hospitality services wrapped in a cocoon of warm traditions, the hotel also promises to show you nature at its best. Towards the evening, you may opt for a canoe ride to see the beautiful sunset along the Rapti river. You may even get to see sights of some of the most exotic birds and even crocodiles while canoeing. Jungle drive, jungle walk, bird watching, horse riding, for those interested, are all attractions that the resort boasts. The Sanskrit term for a deer is Sarang; and much like its spirit animal, the Sarang Wildlife resort is indeed a beautiful and quaint place that will show you a naturally good time. 

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