Selfie: A journey to self exploration

Published On: May 7, 2017 11:10 PM NPT By: Prasansha Rimal

KATHMANDU, May 7: Since the invention of front camera ‘selfie’ became a trend.  People can portray various emotions through selfies and it is often assumed that people who click a lot of selfies might be self obsessed. Some people spend hours taking selfies to post a ‘perfect one’ on social media. But beside the self obsession why do people really take selfie. Different people have different theories and different researches have different explanation.

From a ‘pout selfie’ to an ‘all natural selfie’, social media is usually full of it. Other than self obsession, a selfie can also be a medium of self exploration. When I look at a selfie I don’t usually notice a fake smile or a pout. I notice the dark circles beneath the eyes or a scar hidden beneath a concealer. I notice the wrinkles time has left on a person’s face.

Selfie can be more than a trend if we allow it to be more than photographic evidence of perfection. It can be a medium through which we can analyze ourselves. It can help us look into ourselves and find out the cause of fake smile in our picture. It can make us realize the beauty of our pimple scars or wrinkles by showing us that we have grown and become a different person. It can even act as an escape from the outer world where you can be your true self and look at yourself beneath the skin.

Instead of criticizing ourselves or using photo editor every time we click a selfie , we need to accept our real self. Our dark circles show that we have been working hard and staying up all night to complete a project. Instead of getting obsessed over likes or comments on recently uploaded selfie , focus  should more on the courage it takes to upload a picture to share it with the world. 

It can also act as a medium to motivate others because you never know your smiley selfie might make someone else’s day. It can even add a dash of color to a boring every day routine by giving an individual an opportunity to express themselves. Selfie can even act as a messenger to inner subconscious mind by providing us a hint about where we are in life.

It is a mirror which leads an individual toward self reflection but with the better view of the world. It provides an individual with an outlet to share their self reflection with the whole world. 

So now , whenever someone talks about ‘selfie’ don’t frown upon the idea . Give it a try and look beyond the screen of the smart phone. Look into your face, look at your beautiful scars because who knows you might come across your hidden self by just taking picture of yourself.

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