Scientist Kunwar resolves riddle in Physics

Published On: August 14, 2019 10:29 AM NPT By: RSS

KATHMANU, Aug 14: Youth scientist Bhabindra Kunwar, who has been involved in several researches and studies on physics, has recently resolved another complex riddle in his area.

Kunwar, who was born in Beni municipality-2, Jyamrukkot, has developed a formula through which all varying movement of mass can be easily measured.

The recent test undertaken in the Kathmandu Research and Publications drew a conclusion that the physical mass can yield an accurate result of the movement occurred in all time from micro to macro level.

The formula has resolved a riddle of Physics which has remained unsolved for the past few years. The equation is also successful in also identifying the changes occurred from the smallest unit of time (plank) to one second and more.

Till this date, the scientific study could not truly measure the growing changes being occurred at the very tiny level.

Scientist Kunwar, who has been consistently engaged in research for the past two decades, said no scientific research has presented the solid base to measure the high numbers of very tiny changes in the masses.

According to him, the formula has become successful in measuring the changes occurred at all underlying levels.

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