School management committee intervenes to tackle tardiness issue

Published On: February 22, 2019 05:30 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Feb 22:It is a regular occurrence at Balkalyan Model High School, one of the schools in Liwang, the district headquarters of Rolpa. A member of the school management committee reaches the school's gate before 10 o'clock, carrying a lock and its key. As soon as the clock strikes 10, the gate is padlocked. No student and teacher can enter the school.In the initial days, many students and teachers were barred from entering.

A few teachers protested. But eventually, both the teachers and students mended their ways and developed habits to reach the school on time.“We have routine determining who keeps the gate each day,” said Mahesh Neupane, chairman of the committee.

Each of the nine members in the committee has been gatekeeping daily on their turn. This very initiative of the management committee has been effective in tackling the tardiness issue.Involvement of the management committee in the school's welfare, rather than in just policymaking, has brought about ositive ripples of change. The school's principal Madhusudan Pokharel said it has greatly eased the operation activities.“Our school's daily routine has changed completely after everyone started coming on time. Program implementations are much effective now,” he said.

“With successful tackling of the tardiness issue, we can focus on quality education.”However, there have been some complaints that teachers coming late enter the school from different route. To mitigate the problem, the gatekeeper tries to stay until late in the afternoon or at least until the first period.“Overall, the active participation of the school committee has helped us a lot. We'll sit for more meetings and continually try to make the school better,” said Principal Pokharel.                        

As tardiness is a common issue for all the schools in Rolpa, stakeholders have suggested all schools in the district follow the anti-tardiness model adopted by Balkalyan.

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