Sajha Party calls for fair appointment of university officials

Published On: July 31, 2019 06:55 PM NPT By: Ajit Rai

KATHMANDU, July 31: Sajha Party has called for a fair appointment  of university officials including Vice Chancellor condemning blatant disregard for scientific criteria used by major political parties in appointing university officials.

Politicians have been using universities as a place where they confer political award upon their cadres who hide their real identity by serving as a university official and  a professor for the last few decades.

“Sajha Party has drawn its attention to the news that university officials including vice chancellor are going to be appointed at many universities in the country on the basis of political affiliation,” reads the press statement issued by Sajha Party on Wednesday.

 Sajha Party has urged the government not to appoint university officials on the basis of political affiliation. It has called for the adoption of fair and transparent approach to appointing university officials including vice chancellor based on academic excellence.

Making its stance on the approach to appointing university officials clear, Sajha Party has said that the decision to appoint university officials will have implications for the young generation and the future of the country.

It has also urged students, intellectuals, civil society, communities, media persons and the general public to exert pressure on the government in protest of the appointment of university officials based on political affiliation.

It has also warned of nation-wide protest campaign against unfair appointment of university officials if the government imposes it on Nepali people.

The press release states that the preponderance of senior cadres of political parties at the universities considered as the temple of knowledge has resulted in university teachers found guilty of plagiarism being appointed as university official and professor.

It also states that it is also responsible for the malpractice of conferring degrees upon students who submit plagiarized dissertations and the manipulation of scores to appoint party cadres as a university teacher.

“Our university education is moribund now due to the deleterious tendency for larger parties that are driving Nepali politics to appoint their cadres as university teachers and professors,” reads the press release.  

Sajha Party has warned of adverse consequence if universities in the country are not purged of baneful political influence.

“Corrupt university officials and unqualified professors who entered the university due to their political affiliation have prevented students’ innate intellectual and creative potential from becoming developed on the one hand and the polluted politics and student politics imposed on innocent students by political parties have damaged the future of the whole generation on the other hand,” the press release states.

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