Saili Danuwar indifferent to election (with video)

Published On: May 8, 2017 01:44 PM NPT By: Shiksha Risal


Video By: Prabin Koirala

KATHMANDU, May 8: With the local level polls just six days away, many people are busy talking about elections; they are busy predicting the outcome of the elections.

However, no election fervor has gripped Dukuchhap Danuwar village located in Lalitpur district inhabited by poor Danuwar people .

Danuwar people who are obliged to lead a very difficult life are not excited about the local level polls slated for May 14. There are not roads and good drinking water in their village. Most of the houses were partially damaged by the earthquake that hit Nepal two years back.

Most of them still live in a makeshift house. They lack both time and interest to think about election. They are obsessed with activities they must carry out for physical survival.

In Godawari municipality in Lalitpur district where they live, local elections are going to be held on May 14. But no sign of electoral environment is seen in their village. Saili Danuwar,53, a local of Danuwar village has heard about election but knows nothing about when it will take place.

There are seven voters in her family. But, she does not know about the parties, candidates and election signs and the method of casting votes. She said no one has come to her village for teaching them how to cast votes.

Her two sons are in Malaysia for foreign employment. Other members of her family are engaged in agriculture. She lives in a house partially damaged by the earthquake along with her daughter-in-laws and grandchildren.  Though she likes to vote, she does not believe in the promises made by the political parties.

New people have started coming to their village. They have started promising them to solve their problems like before. They believe that the parties will not keep their promises this time also like in the past.

Bijaya Kumar Danuwar, a plus two student, says he has heard little about election. He has not read the election manifestos of any political party yet. Eligible for the voting for the first time in his life, Bijaya knows nothing about the candidates standing for election in his  area as well as their agenda .

Election Commission has not reached Danuwar village to impart election education. Few candidates have started coming to this village for the last few day. But the locals here have no faith in their hollow promises.


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