Rural municipality has no means of communication

Published On: July 7, 2018 04:10 AM NPT By: Shamsher Bikram GC

PYUTAHAN, July 7: Though the human civilization and technological advancement has taken a new leap, locals living in many wards of Gaumukhi Rural Municipality are yet to be introduced to the means of communication.

Especially the people living in the rural municipality center have not been able to use any means of communication. This is the reason, why this village is cut off from other villages and districts. This has very much affected the services of the local unit. Using Internet is a far-fetched dream for the locals here when they don't even have a telephone.

"It has been really challenging for us to perform our duties due to the lack of means of communication," said rural municipality chief Bishnu Kumar Giri. During the elections, candidates had vowed to bring communication services to the village. Though the locals still remember those promises, the elected representatives hardly talk about that now.

Stating that it has been really difficult for the rural municipality to manage communication network, Chairperson Giri said, "Now, we are trying to bring Internet here through a budget of Rs 500,000."  He is hopeful that it will help them perform the official works more efficiently after the village is connected to the internet. A tower of Nepal Telecom is being built in Narikot. This will ultimately solve the communication problem of Thulabesi, the rural municipality center.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to upgrade the tower of Rajwara, said Tulasa Sunar, vice-chairperson of the rural municipality. 

"We have time and again urged World Link and Subisu to connect internet facility in our village but they kept neglecting our request probably because ours is a remote area," said Sunar. There are no banks in this local unit due to the lack of internet service. But the locals hope that their days will change in the near future.

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