RPP will not fundamentally align with any party: Lingden

Published On: September 5, 2022 01:43 PM NPT By: Arjun Oli

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 5: Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman Rajendra Lingden has clarified that his party will not form an alliance with any party. In a press conference held on Monday morning in Nepalganj, Lingden said that he can move forward only by cooperating with any party on the basis of seats if needed.

Chairman Lingden said that so far the discussion about cooperation with the CPN-UML in the election is under progress but nothing has been confirmed. "There has been no concrete decision to be announced as news. But there have been some discussions with the UML, but those discussions have not taken any concrete shape," he said. "You must understand that the seats of the party chairman, general secretary, and vice chairman are safe."

He indicated that the RPP will not give up seats across the country as in the past. He said that he would leave one seat to the other party and take the other seat for his party. Stating that there is going to be cooperation between the nationalist forces that love the country, he said, “There will not be agreement on the agenda, but only coordination on the seats.”

In response to the media's question, Lingden explained that he had announced his resignation from the post of parliament member as the ruling parties tried to extend the life of parliament even after November 20 by amending the law. "A proposal to amend the law was brought to maintain the current parliament even after November 20. It was too much. I was ashamed to even say that I am a member of parliament, that's why I went to the parliament and informed them about my resignation.”

He said, "No matter what others do, I will not join it, it is not only unethical but grossly unethical". He said that after the announcement of the elections to the Federal Parliament and the provincial assemblies, the term of the current parliament should not be extended and their proposal to form an electoral government was not being heard due to which he resigned.

“I was ashamed to go to the parliament to get allowances, to mark attendance and to be a parliamentarian, so I announced in my resignation that the RPP cannot participate in such unethical activities," he said. To participate in the party program to be organized in Bardiya, the top leaders of the party along with Chairman Lingden had reached Nepalgunj.



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