Road obstructed to end dust! (With photo/video)

Published On: February 11, 2018 04:17 PM NPT

Photo by: Shree Ram Paudel

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: It’s been days, dwellers and business owners of Kalanki area are dealing with the consequences of road expansion in the area. Construction of the underpass in Kalanki Chowk and expansion of Kalanki-Tripureswar road section have made the area dusty during the dry season and filthy during the rainy season. The locals are fed-up with the ongoing lengthy construction of the road.

To cope up with the problem, the local business owners came up with a counter alternative. They blocked one lane of the road with stones and restricted for the movement of the vehicles. They placed a notice ‘Road is blocked to end dust’.

The blacktopping of the road section is still vague. The cloud of dust during the movement of the vehicles including the cycle engulfs the area round the clock.

The traffic police are bearing the road pack situation throughout the day due to the narrow lane. Retorting to the obstruction of the road, the traffic suggested the locals to file complains at the Department of Road. 


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