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Published On: June 21, 2019 09:52 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

The daily drudgery of life can sometimes wreck havoc in your mind and spirit, making you feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for or positive about. And especially in this age of social media when you find yourself comparing your life with those of your peers and even celebrities, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to stay positive and motivated. Whether you are already doing your best and need a gentle reminder or need a push to give it your all, we think these YouTube channels will be able to do that and a lot more. is a YouTube channel created by Leo Gura who believes in the idea of self-mastery. Gura claims that a person is responsible for his/her own success and happiness and it’s up to them to achieve happiness in their lives. These ideas are further explained in his videos, like One Simple Rule for Acing Life, Lifestyle Minimalism, and How to Get Shit Done, some of which are nearly an hour long, so we advise you to split them up into shorter watching sections. But if you look at the comment section of these videos, you will see that they are absolutely worth going through. With almost a million subscribers, the channel seeks to 
help you master your own psychology to improve your life. Here you will find videos on a wide variety of personal development concepts (with a larger than life thumbnail that will alarm and fascinate you at the same time).

Absolute Motivation
Absolute Motivation is a collection of messages and inspirational montages from famous and successful people (but mostly happy people) ranging from monks, actors, businessmen etc. One of their most popular videos is called “The Psychology of The Great” that features montages of people like Bruce Lee, Micheal Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, telling you to trust and believe in yourself. Similarly, many of the videos in Absolute Motivation shows these people at a weak point in their lives when they were battling depression or fear of failure and how they overcame it all to make the best of their lives. The videos are full of inspiring moments and loud music, making you want to get your life together from that very moment. If you need a quick boost of motivation or you need to feel good and happy about yourself and your life in five minutes or less, this is a good place to turn to.

Most of us don’t have time or the courage to read all the top self-help/self-improvement books out there. If you look at any list of “How to be Happy” blogs, speeches or recommendations you will see that books like Thinking, Fast and Slow, Learned Optimism, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People find a place on every list. This is where FightMediocrity comes in as a savoir. FightMediocrity makes these highly insightful and super interesting animated reviews, analysis and synopsis from where you can get the gist of a particular book in just a few minutes. You can listen to these while working out, driving to work or just watch them when you have some free time as the animation in these videos is also pretty fun to watch. All of the video essays and book reviews done by FightMediocrity are full of practical examples that can help you put the ideas of happiness, success, self-belief into actual practice.

The School of Life
The School of Life is a super fun YouTube website dedicated to learning the smaller but important things in life like being happy, dealing with conflict, finding your own voice etc. All the videos have really cool animations and the subtle and pleasant narration (with a British accent) makes one feel peaceful and motivated. Videos like “The Secrets of Happiness in 60 seconds”, “The Meaning of Life”, “Why Small Pleasures are a Big Deal” and “How to be a Friend to Yourself” are especially insightful when it comes to finding inner happiness. According to their page, The School of Life is a “resource for helping us understand ourselves, to improve our relationships, our careers and our social lives – as well as for helping us find calm and get more out of our leisure hours.” So if you want a little push to order to lead a good, happy life, this channel might be of some help.

Jason Silva: Shots of Awe
Jason Silva is known for hosting the popular National Geographic show “Brain Games”, but many of us don’t know that he is an author of several books as well as the host of a YouTube channel named “Jason Silva: Shots of Awe” that delves into the ideas of creativity, innovation, futurism, existentialism, and the human condition in general. If you are feeling insecure about yourself or feel as if your live isn’t turning out the way it should be, Silva’s poetic monologues should be able to make you feel a little positive about yourself and your life. A dose of Silva on a daily basis can be just the motivational boost you need in order to get your life back in track as well as cultivate a positive mindset. 

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