Revenge plot backfires as police arrest three for misleading report

Published On: August 31, 2016 08:04 AM NPT By: Kamal Pariyar

KATHMANDU, Aug 30: Police investigations have revealed that a fraudster had masterminded a revenge plot against one of his relatives to trap him in a trafficking case. 
The alleged mastermind behind the plot has been identified as Pashupati Bhuj, 41, of Dhakdhai of Rupandehi district, who was very close to succeed in his plot to frame Raj Kumar Bhuj of the same area. Raj Kumar his cousin from maternal lineage. 

“After losing a court case against Raj Kumar and having been compelled to compensate him with Rs 420,000, Pashupati had vowed to take revenge at any cost,” said DSP Rabindra Regmi, who handled the case registered at Metropolitan Police Range Office, Kathmandu. 

As per the plot, Deb Raj Pudasaini filed a case against Raj Kumar on July 20 seeking justice for his sister Sushila aka Kabita Pudasaini Shakya who was allegedly sold by the accused in a brother in India. Pudasaini, who was hired by Pashupati on condition of providing him a vehicle worth Rs 600,000, repeatedly knocked the door of the police along with his sister, who claimed to have returned from Indian brothels after spending five years in ‘hell’ in New Delhi.         

“After finding strong evidences to establish the case and upon hearing the unfortunate story from the horse’s mouth, we registered the case and started investigation,” DSP Regmi explained. 

Based on the complaints, police arrested Raj Kumar Bhuj from his residence for further interrogation and filed a case at the District Attorney’s Office. 
But during additional investigation by the police, they found some loopholes in the case filed against Raj Kumar. Police suspected the ordeals of the woman as her accounts did not match the situation. 

The woman had claimed that she was made unconscious in Nepal-India border point as she was trafficked to India in a rikshaw early in the morning. She said that she had gained consciousness only in a hotel room in New Delhi. Her return ticket, which she presented to the police, was proved to be a fake one after verification from the related security and railways authorities. 

Police again interrogated the arrested, which shed light on the possibility of him being duped by the ones who filed the case.

“Based on the information provided by Raj Kumar, we scanned all the call details of the two and found out that most of the calls they made were to Pashupati,” DSP Regmi said, adding that the police arrested Pashupati for interrogation few days ago. On Tuesday, the two fake Pudasaini brother and sister were arrested from various places in Kathmandu.

According to the preliminary interrogation of police, the two have confessed to their involvement in fake trafficking charge against Raj Kumar after being lured by the lucrative offer from Pashupati. The two also confessed that they pretended to be brother and sister. 

After finding Raj Kumar innocent, the police have prepared to appeal to the District Attorney’s Office to suspend the case against Raj Kumar. Police have also prepared to register another case against the three for misleading them by projecting a dramatic story.

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