Representatives join farmers to plant Marsi rice

Published On: May 28, 2019 08:36 AM NPT By: DB BUDHA

JUMLA, May 28: The local representatives of Hima Rural Municipality of Jumla have started a campaign to preserve the famous Marsi rice which is grown locally.  

By going to the fields along with the farmers, the representatives here have been planting saplings of Marsi rice. Recently, the representatives planted Marsi rice at Shergaun of Hima-1, Badki.  A team of representatives including ward chief of Badki, Bir Bahadur Shahi, ward members Pad Bahadur Shahi, Ratiman Kami, Batuli Shahi along with officer Man Bahadur Shahi helped the farmers plant the Marsi rice.

"The Marsi rice has become our identity of late. It is also beneficial for health," said Ward Chief Shahi, adding, "High production of this rice will add to our economy and reputation. That's why we are utilizing our time to help the farmers grow Marsi." According to him, Marsi rice is closely associated with the culture and tradition of the people living in Jumla.

The rural municipality has planned to deploy the representatives of all wards for planting Marsi in their villages.  The representatives are promoting the use of organic fertilizers in the local unit. After being joined by the elected representatives in their fields, the farmers are elated.

Locals have started growing Marsi rice as it has been in the limelight in recent days. It has high demand in the market. The farmers here have great fun while planting this breed of rice. They sing songs and splash mud at each other. They all co-operate with each other. 

With the onset of the rice planting season, farmers have started engaging themselves in planting Marsi saplings.  

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