Recreating the magic of love

Published On: March 30, 2018 08:22 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Have beautiful movie scenes always captivated your imagination?  Have you ever wanted a romantic escape with someone you love in the world of movies? Then here is your chance to add a little spark and spice into your life, just like in the films. 

We at The Week have compiled five places that will make all your romantic dreams come true. For your next vacation, bring out the movie buff in you and go to these dreamy getaways. 

Movie: Sleepless in Seattle
Destination: USA

This movie gives us the two most romantic destinations to visit, New York and Seattle. The cross-country romance in this movie brings together Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan on top of the Empire State Building in New York. The breathtaking 360-degree view of New York from this building will make a perfect date for you as well.  

When you are at Seattle, you must see the houseboat which was home to Tom Hanks’ character in the movie. It is located on Lake Union where you can also find a rental boat named ‘Sleepless in Seattle Urban Boathouse’. 

You can also have your own sleepless nights by going to some amazing places that this city has to offer. Athenian Sea Food Restaurant and Bar is the place where the protagonist of the movies discussed Tiramisu. And, if you want to relive Sam’s first dating experience then Dahlia lounge is where you must go. It is located at the 2001 4th Avenue. Finally, your stay at The Hotel Sorrento (precisely room number 608) will remind you of Meg Ryan’s fiancés’ New York apartment. 

Movie: Roman Holiday 
Destination: Italy 

If Roman Holiday is one of your favorite movies then you might have already dreamt of embarking on a Roman holiday of your own. So next time you stop by this beautiful city with your loved one, make sure you visit these destination to make your visit even more interesting and memorable. 

Basilica Di Santa Maria in Cosmedin is popularly known as the Mouth of Truth. It is a place where Gregory Peck pretended to lose his hand after it got stuck in its mouth. 

It is said that the Mouth of Truth bites off hands of liars. After that you can visit the Basilica Church itself which is a beautiful church built in the 6th century. This is also the place where you can ask for all your dreams to come true.

Then there is Pantheon where Ann and Joe meet Irving at the Rocca Café. It is also the place where Ann drinks champagne and smokes her first cigarette. You can also embark on your own adventure there. Towards the end of the movie, Joe and Ann reunite at the Piazza di Soagna and enjoy some gelato at the 18th century Spanish steps. They are also one of the widest staircases in Europe – it’s something you must see at least once.  

Movie: 50 First Dates 
Destination: Hawaii, USA

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s ‘50 First Dates’ may not be one of your favorite rom-coms but we are sure you like the idea of falling in love with your soul mate over and over again. You might be sad to know that the Hukilau Café shown in the movie does not exist. Nevertheless you can recreate all those dates while you are in Hawaii. Visit Kualoa Ranch that is a beautiful place filled with natural beauty. It is just the right place for your romance to evolve. Over there you can also see the road that Lucy takes every day to work. Sea Life Park is where Adam’s character worked. And Halona Beach Cove in an extremely romantic place, that is also the site of the famous kiss scene in the movie. 

Movie: Highway 
Destination: India

This movie starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda is definitely one of the most beautifully shot movies of Bollywood.  

Every Bollywood fan can rediscover their love again in the beautiful valley of Kashmir situated in the northern most part of India. It is the Himalayan region where Alia Bhatt fled from her house in the movie. Aru Valley in Jammu and Kashmir is an extremely serene place and an escape from the fast city life. 

The movie was also shot in Chandanwadi which is a place mostly covered in snow in the upper regions of Kashmir. 

This place boasts amazingly breathtaking views. Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most romantic and unexplored places of India. A segment of the film was shot there as well. If you and your partner love adventure, then a trek to Ki/Key Monastery and Dhankar Monastery is a must once you enter Spiti Valley. 

Movie: Sound Of Music 
Destination: Austria 

If the movie buff in you has always secretly wanted to dance around the Sound of Music gazebo, then you must visit Austria. The famous song ‘I am 16 going on 17’ and the romantic scene between Maria and George were shot here. You can spot this gazebo when you take a tour of Heilbronn castle at Heilbronn. Also the wedding scene in the movie was shot at Church of Mondsee. 

To relive the song ‘Do Re Mi Fa’ with your loved one, the town of Werfen is where you must go. The song was shot in this beautiful town where one can enjoy the pleasures of nature at its best. The fortress of Hohenwerfen can be observed in the background of this song. Also the beautiful Unterberg Mountains will make your stay in this town even more fascinating. 

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