Recipe book of authentic Nepali cuisines launched

Published On: May 8, 2018 08:17 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, May 8: A recipe collection of typical Nepali cuisines was launched amid a function in Kathmandu on Monday.

The recipe book -- Nepali Heritage Cook Book – has been prepared and launched under the ‘Globalizing Nepal Heritage Cuisine’ campaign. It is a part of a strategic ‘Experience Nepal: Cuisine & Culture’ program launched recently by the Nepal Tourism Board to promote typical Nepali dishes.

Globalizing Nepal Heritage Cuisine campaign was organized jointly by the NTB, Hotel Association Nepal (HAN), Chef Association of Nepal, and Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN). 
The book contains recipes of 28 authentic Nepali dishes categorized into four categories -- soup, appetizer, main dish and dessert. Kwanti, Sisne Jhol, Phando, Jwanuko Jhol and Pancha Kwa fall under the soup category, while Chukar-Khanda, Karesa Bari, Chukauni, Timmure Alu and Phulaura have been categorized as appetizers.

Likewise, main dish includes Sekuwa, Taruwa, Pakuwa, Usineko, Chhoyela, Sandheko, Momo, Chatamari, Dhungre Roti, Ow, Jogi Bhat, Dal Bhat and Himali Dhido. Yomari, Sikarni, Dahi Phal, Kheer and Thekuwa have been categorized as desserts. 

The cook book includes recipes for all these dishes, while tutorial video for all these cuisines have also been prepared, according to the NTB.

Besides, the cook book also includes recipes of five Nepali sauces -- Timmure Golbhenda, Lasune Golbhenda, Dhaniya Sada, Badame Dhaniya and Tilko Chhop -- and seven key spices needed to make Nepali cuisines.

Unveiling the cook book, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari said that Nepali food should first be promoted inside the country. “First, we have to acquaint Nepali people with these foods. Ultimately, they will attract foreigners,” he said, adding that effective promotion within the country will help to promote our authentic cuisines in other countries.

The minister urged the government and the private sector to make needful effort for developing quality tourism. He also assured the private sector to support them on their campaign of promoting Nepali cuisine in the international market. 

Meanwhile, Minister Adhikari said that the ministry was soon forming a committee for 2020 Visit Nepal Year. “The ministry will table a proposal for the same in the next cabinet meeting,” he added.
Binayak Shah, general secretary of HAN, said that coordination should be forged with non-resident Nepalis (NRNs) to promote Nepali cuisines. “As most of the NRNs are involved in restaurant and hospitality business, their contribution will be crucial to promote Nepali cuisines throughout the world,” he said, adding that HAN will coordinate with them to put these dishes on their menu.

Speaking at the event Karna Shakya, the initiator of the Globalizing Nepal Heritage Cuisine campaign, said that Nepal has adopted culinary tourism with the launch of the cook book. “Most of us have developed a liking for foreign food. It is high time we brought back the taste of our authentic food to Nepali mouth,” he said, urging all star hotels to prepare a separate menu of Nepali cuisines.

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