Quirky gift ideas

Published On: September 6, 2019 09:25 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

We all love gifts. And it’s all the more fascinating when we unwrap a present and it turns out to be something quirky and unique, instead of the regular stuff. But gift-giving can be tricky especially when you want to give someone something they don’t have or wouldn’t necessarily buy or know about themselves. Here are some pretty cool gift ideas you can use the next time you have to pick a present. 

Customized socks and cushions
We all know socks are one of the most basic gifts. However, this doesn’t mean that the gift has to be boring. You can have people’s faces, animals or any other designs printed on them. From funny quotes to pineapples and banana patterns, the options are really endless. Similarly, customized cushions can also be an interesting option. We recommend gifting one with their pet’s face or of an animal that they like. We also recommend you check out Khwappa Cartoons – an online service that changes people’s faces into cartoons and prints them in cushions, mugs, and frames. 

Personalized stickers
It has become somewhat of a trend to have stickers plastered on your laptops and vehicles. Though small, they are a great way to express your feelings and so it can make for a fun and thoughtful gift. You can order customized stickers through Sticker Pimpz, an online sticker business. You can message them to make stickers of books, shows, music, etc. that your friends and family like. This way you are letting them know that you care about their interests and are well aware of their likes and dislikes. 

Lovely notebooks
You can never go wrong with a pretty notebook. And nowadays, there are a variety of notebooks available in the market. From colorful and patterned ones to plain and simple ones, you can find a notebook that’s just right for the person you have in mind. And if you do a little more research and search the market, you will definitely come across quirky notebooks with funny quotes and pictures that are just perfect. The range of notebooks and planners from Studio Sarcastic and Bhav can be good options. 

Fun Kigurumis
“Kigu” – branching from the term “Kigurumi” – is the fusion of two Japanese words: Kiru (meaning “to wear”) and nuigurumi (meaning “stuffed toy”). So basically, a Kigurumi is an animal onesie. It’s extremely cute. Kigurumis are very comfortable as well as fun to wear. And to give a person a Kigurumi of their favorite animal is possibly one of the cutest things ever. If you are not sure what animals they like, we advise you to go with a dog, pony or panda onesie. You might get lucky and find one in New Road or Ason but if not, then there are plenty of places online from where you can place an order. 

Sustainable line of products
Many of us want to lead an environmentally conscious life but due to one thing or the other, we don’t get the time to make the necessary changes. So gifting sustainable products like copper or bamboo straws, a pretty cotton tote bag for shopping, a small potted plant, recycled glass vases, etc. can be a good way to incorporate sustainability into your life as well as others’. This way you help preserve the environment while motivating someone else to take more environment-friendly actions in the future. 

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