Quake 'victims' own two houses each in Solukhumbu now

Published On: March 23, 2019 03:30 AM NPT By: Shikhar Jung Shrestha

SOLUKHUMBU, March 23: As the government distributed the reconstruction grant without verifying the houses damaged by the devastating earthquake of 2015, most beneficiaries in Solukhumbu own two houses now.

According to the rule, the government should first make sure that the houses claimed to be damaged by the earthquake are actually damaged before distributing the grant. However, most victims started building another house with the grant provided by the government though their houses were not destroyed by the quake. This is the reason why they have two houses now.

Those who have been complaining of not being listed as beneficiaries despite being the real victims have expressed their disappointment towards the government for providing relief to those whose houses are still fine. Sating that the real victims have been deprived of the grant, a local of Sotang said, "As the earthquake flattened our houses, we were obliged to move to tents while those people whose houses received minor damages have already managed to build another house."

Those who were deprived of relief despite losing their shelter have stated that this is a misuse of government funds.

37 households of Solawan receive double relief

Altogether 37 households of Mapya Dudhkoshi Rural Municipality-7, Solawan who have been listed as beneficiaries by the government are also being financially assisted by an INGO for the construction of their houses. The Education Foundation California has been sending Rs 500,000 for each of these quake victims through an NGO named Action For Nepal. This has allowed the locals of Solawan to build two houses each, one from the grant provided by the government and the other from the money provided by the INGO. So far, 24 houses have been built this way while others are under construction. Dorji Sherpa, the local manager of Action for Nepal informed Republica that the locals are constructing quake-resistant houses by utilizing the money provided by the INGO.

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