Quake victim seeking help to fix broken leg

Published On: December 27, 2016 12:50 AM NPT By: Shankar Shrestha

DHADING, Dec 27: Chandri Maya Tamang broke her leg during the devastating earthquake last year. Over one and half years on, her condition has worsened instead of getting better. Tamang, a local of Jharlang village of Dhading, is bedridden and is seeking support for her treatment. 

“I cannot understand or speak Nepali language. My children are still very small. Even my husband is not in good health. I don't know where I should turn to for support now,” said Tamang. “I have nothing to sell off for money except a small plot of land. Without money, you cannot get treatment in hospital. I am in dilemma. If the land is sold off where would my family go?” she lamented. 

Taman g was in a church on the fateful day. She was buried in the church as the earth shook and houses turned into rubbles in seconds. She thought she would not survive. However, death spared her. 

“But now, life is much more painful,” says Tamang. 

She had initially received treatment in Chitwan Medical College. However, before she could fully recover she was sent packing by the hospital for not being able to pay the bills. Tamang claims that her inability to pay the hospital bills was the reason of her forced discharge from the hospital. 

“I was there for several months, but was not fully well before they discharged me. They told me to leave and I had to do so,” said Tamang. Her husband Bai Lama, who became hearing impaired post earthquake, added that she was taken to the hospital for follow up but the administration refused to check her since they did not have enough money. 

The government had promised free treatment for those injured during earthquake. However, in case of the likes of Tamang, it has not fulfilled its commitment. The Tamang family which has been living in a makeshift hut since the earthquake laments that life is going to be harder in the winter. “We both are like disabled people. We do not have even proper house. In such a situation, our children are going to suffer a lot. It's a hellish life,” Tamang's husband Bai said. 


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