Province1 to be tobacco products free state within April 11

Published On: January 28, 2020 08:20 PM NPT By: RSS

BIRATNAGAR, Jan 28: A campaign has been launched to completely control tobacco-related products in Province 1.

The Ministry of Social Development of the province has launched the campaign. 

At a programme organised by the office of the Chief Minister and Council of Minister of the province, here on Tuesday, Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai inaugurated the campaign reading the slogan written in a banner: "Let's choose healthy life, not tobacco products." 

According to the ministry, the sale and use of tobacco products would be completely checked throughout the province within April 11 under the campaign. 

The sale of tobacco-related products has been banned 100 meters around the government offices and this rule would be brought into practice at educational institutions, hospitals and public areas inside Biratnagar metropolitan city within February 12, said Mayor Bhim Parajuli. 


Social Development Minister Jeevan Ghimire said that tobacco-related products users should be alert as the use of tobacco products would harm more to the users as well as the provisions of Tobacco Products (Control and Regulation) Act-2068 BS have been implemented. 

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