Province 3 minister accuse central govt for not being serious

Published On: March 6, 2018 03:10 AM NPT By: Ashok Sujan Shrestha

MAKWANPUR, March 5: Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Shalik Ram Jamkattel of Province 3 has accused the central government of not taking its responsibilities toward the provincial governments seriously.

Although the council of misters in the central government is yet to take full shape, the available ministries have failed to show seriousness toward helping the province, Minister Jamkattel said. 
According to him, Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli and other concerned ministers have shown reluctance to fulfill their duties toward the provincial government by saying that their council of ministers is yet to take full shape.

“Even some of the federal ministers have shown carefree attitude toward solving the problems of the province,” said Minister Jamkattel. “The previous government could have helped us by formulating some laws and acts for the province, which they didn't. Even the new government has shown the same attitude,” he lamented. 

Minster Jamkattel further mocked the current trend of Nepal, in which elected representatives have been very vocal about achieving prosperity. “Prosperity does not come our way just by speaking and making promises. In order to bring real changes, we have to work by breaking the existing culture that prevents the change,” he said.

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