Police to act against unauthorized use of govt vehicles

Published On: September 29, 2019 08:28 AM NPT By: Anil Bhandari

SINDHULI, Sept 28: District Police Office in Sindhuli is geared up to take action against those who make unauthorized use of government vehicles during the Dashain festivals. 

Announcing their security arrangements for Dashain holidays, the police said on Friday that arbitrary use of government vehicles during the Dashain holidays will be penalized. In an effort to ensure better security and transportation facilities during the festivals, the district police have come up with a number of programs.

“We won’t allow using government vehicle during holidays without the permission of district administration. Even if they use government vehicle from other districts, we will punish them if they use the BP highway,” Chief District Officer Janardan Gautam said. “It is completely prohibited to put animals on the back of these vehicles.”

“During the time of Dashain, animals for meat are carried at the top of bus. If we find somebody doing that, we will punish them,” said Bishnu Basnet, district chief of traffic police. “Passenger carrier buses should clearly state passenger capacity. Along the BP highway, only the buses with capacity of 32 seats are allowed to run.”

“Passengers complain about being cheated during Dashain every year, so the fare should be clearly mentioned,” he added. 

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Chakra Bahadur Singh, buses that travel via the BP highway to different districts of eastern tarai should have two drivers to minimize the possibility of accident.

According to Mahendra Dhakal, chairperson of Kamalamai Municipality Ward 4, it was a good decision of the police to not allow putting goat on the top of bus, but it would be difficult for people who purchase goats to celebrate Dashain festivals. 

“Goats that are transported for business purpose should not be allowed to be carried in bus, but it would be impracticable to stop an individual who transports a goat home for personal use to celebrate Dashain,” he said. 

The police have warned of action against those transport operators who try to pull passengers standing on the bus stop in an attempt to earn extra money, and has made it mandatory for them to duly provide bus tickets to the passengers. 

The police have also instructed transport operators to properly examine the condition of their vehicles before operating.

Vehicles running in rural area normally tend to carry passengers more than their capacity, triggering risk of accident. “Due to this reason, everybody should join hands in helping reduce the risk of accidents,” Singh said. 

“Vehicles meant for private use have also been found carrying passengers. It also leads to greater risk of accidents. We must control these vehicles, and prioritize use of public vehicles,” said Kancha Man Bal, a public transport entrepreneur.

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