Plastic pistol used to loot 711 grams of gold, police publicize five robbers

Published On: April 30, 2019 08:08 AM NPT By: Anil Bhandari

SINDHULI, April 30: Five persons have been arrested on the charge of looting gold. The arrestees, according to the police, had used a plastic pistol to loot 711 grams of the yellow metal from a jeweler's room. 

The police arrested and publicized on Monday the five who were on the run after the looting. The police have also confirmed that the pistol used to execute the theft is made up of plastic. 

The looted gold belongs to jeweler Surjit Sarkar of West Bengal, India, currently living and working in Kamalamai Municipality-6 of Sindhuli.  As informed by DSP Chakra Bahadur Singh, those arrested include Binod Kumar Diyali, 25, and his brothers Buddha Diyali, 21, and Pradip Diyali, 18; Sunil Baraili, 21, and Hari Khatri, 34. The police arrested the five after a month-long investigation. The looted gold included 606 grams of crafted jewelry. The Sindhuli Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) had initially declared a theft of around 1,399 grams. 

However, the jeweler later confirmed it to be just 711 grams. “Three more people are yet to be arrested,” said DSP Singh.

The looted jewelry was mostly orders made by the residents of the district. The jeweler had taken orders from 16 jewelry shops from villages around Sindhuli district. 

Only 2 rings from the entire robbery were confirmed to have been used for personal benefits by Binod Kumar Diyali and the rest of the looted gold is believed to be with those who are still on the run.

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