Pass time productively

Published On: January 10, 2020 11:33 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Boredom makes you sit on the couch and surf random channels on TV. Boredom makes you take naps that last the whole afternoon. Boredom makes mindlessly scroll through your phone and wallow in self-pity. Don’t let boredom take over your days and suck all your free time. Here are five great ways you can kill boredom and keep yourself active and agile, both mentally and physically. 

Create something

Instead of doing nothing, make something. You have the power, and depending on your position and your skillset, you can make just about anything you want. If you’re skilled at communicating, write a blog post. If you’re great with crafts, make a jewelry box or a bag out of scrap cloths. Taking a moment to create something—anything you want—will stimulate a kind of momentum in your brain, taking your mind off boredom and giving you a chance to explore something new. Plus, your new creation could actually be useful and also give you a feel-good boost that you need in these cold, dreary days. 

Listen to a podcast 

There are hundreds of free resources dedicated to improving your skills and expanding horizons. It would be a sin not to take advantage of them. Listening to a podcast is a great way to pass time while learning something new. Whether you are interested in fashion, architecture or history, there’s bound to be interesting podcasts on the topic. Browse through Google Podcast or Castbox and download a few to get started. TED Talks, too, always have new material available that open you up to new ideas in the worlds of science, technology, entertainment, and design.

Learn to cook or bake

Cooking and baking might seem intimidating at first but there is actually no right and wrong here and you can actually experiment and come up with your own versions of different recipes. So, when you have some free time, look up some cooking tutorials on YouTube and give it a go. Baking is also something you could take up. Don’t fret, there are many simple ideas you can start with and you don’t need fancy equipment for it either. Alternatively, learning to finely chop herbs and veggies could also be something you could start with.

Cultivate an herb/vegetable garden

Many people dream of cultivating a kitchen garden but lack of space, especially in urban area, usually sets them back. However, growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding. All you really need to get started is some decent soil and a few plants. You can actually grow basic kitchen herbs in small pots along the windowsill in the kitchen. For tomatoes and spinach, you can use window boxes or Styrofoam boxes. You can easily convert a small balcony space into a green area with a little effort and creativity. 

Explore your local area

It’s very easy to just sit at home and do nothing when you are bored but resist the temptation. Put on a pair of walking shoes and go out. Explore your local area. Take routes that you don’t normally use and see what’s going on. If there are places of cultural interest and other such sites nearby, pay them a visit. If you know of an exhibition that’s going on, drop by. You can also ask a friend to tag along if you don’t fancy doing things by yourself.


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