Pandit’s Struggle to Change Singhadurbar

Published On: October 26, 2017 03:48 PM NPT

Nepalaya is bringing out the struggles of Lal Babu Pandit in an autobiography; ‘Singhadurbar  Badalne Sangarsha’  (Struggle to Change Singhadurbar). Pandit,  a low-profile politician was successful in gathering wide attention  and appreciation soon after taking over his first ministerial portfolio  in his almost 40 years long political career. 

 The autobiography, scheduled to be on stands on November reflects  Padit’s struggles, his political involvement alongside Madan  Bhandari, one of Nepal’s most prominent CP-UML leader and  insight into his simple lifestyle.  

 ‘I saw corruption and malpractices everywhere after I became a  minister and hence I thought the process of change needs to start  from within’ says Lal Babu. ‘I have sincerely put forward the work  carried out during my tenure as a minister’. He added, ‘I hope people who are committed to change and nation building will read this book’.

The book starts with, him receiving a call from the Party Chairman informing him on being nominated for a ministerial post, while he was commuting in a public bus in Kathmandu’s Ringroad, and ends with him leaving the government quarters back to his rented apartment.  

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