Paddy production in Sindhuli to go up 10%: DADO

Published On: November 1, 2017 06:58 AM NPT By: Anil Bhandari

SINDHULI, Oct 31: District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) Sindhuli has estimated 10 percent growth in paddy production in the district this year compared to last year. The DADO has attributed suitable climate for the projected growth. 
Last year, 46,696 tons of paddy was produced in the district, according to DADO statistics. 
Homraj Bista, senior agricultural development officer of DADO, said that despite slight damage to the crop by floods and thunder, the outlook was good. Moreover, DADO had distributed improved seeds to the farmers under a government grant, which was one of the reasons for the DADO to raise its projection. 
Increased production in Kamalakhunj and Marin areas, also called the granary of the district, is also likely to contribute to the projected growth, farmers told Republica. DADO had initiated programs to increase paddy production by developing these areas as the pocket areas. These areas have fertile land with the capacity of producing 3.13 tons of paddy per hectare. Paddy has been planted in 15,560 hectares of land, which is 24.81 percent of the total potential of the district, according to Devendra Saud, crop conservation officer of DADO. 
He said that some fertile land of the Mahabharat range could not be used for paddy plantation due to lack of irrigation. “This year, farmers could not plant paddy in about 20 percent of the fertile land,” he said. 
Sindhuli, a self-dependent district in maize, is yet to be self-dependent in paddy. DADO stated that the demand of paddy was more than that of maize or barley or other crops.
Farmers of Gartir area have already started harvesting paddy. Due to warmer climate, paddy grows a bit earlier here, according to the farmers. Paddy produced in Kamalakhunj and Marin areas are also being harvested. “As per our estimate, 10 percent paddy has already been harvested, now the farmers will start to harvest rest of the paddy,” Bista said. 

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