Over 3,100 foreigners deported from Nepal in past eight years

Published On: November 22, 2021 01:50 PM NPT By: Smriti Dhungana  | @aesmriti

KATHMANDU, Nov 22: In the last eight years, the government has deported 3,130 foreign nationals who arrived in Nepal from different countries and lived here illegally engaging in various illegal activities.

According to the Department of Immigration (DoI), 1,513 Chinese nationals were deported during the period. Similarly, 214 US nationals  were deported from Nepal while 118 Bangladeshis, 104 British and 74 Pakistanis were also deported back to their countries.

Eighty-five Russians, 52 Iranians, 47 Canadians, 46 Germans and 36 French nationals have also been deported from Nepal, according to the Immigration Department. “They were deported from Nepal for being involved in various crimes, overstaying in the country and holding suspicious passports.

"Foreigners have been arrested for their involvement in various crimes, including overstaying," said Jhanka Nath Dhakal, spokesperson at the DoI. This year alone, more than 100 foreign nationals living in Nepal have been deported for overstaying in Nepal.

With the increase in the number of Chinese nationals in Nepal, people violating the conditions determined by visa have increased exponentially. They have been living in Nepal for free for 150 days. Due to which crime has also increased. According to the statistics of the DoI, 141 foreigners have been deported from Nepal this year. Most of them are Chinese and others are Americans, British, Germans and French.

According to the DoI, the crime rate among Chinese citizens has increased in the last five years. Apart from overstay, they have been actively involved in human trafficking, smuggling and organized crime against the terms and conditions of their visa. A total of 2,989 foreign nationals involved in various crimes and with visa problems have been sent back to their respective countries.

Of them, only 1,604 people had to be deported from Nepal due to overstay, fake visas, violation of terms and conditions of visa and problems related to visas. The involvement of foreign nationals in various crimes including drug trafficking, banking malpractice, fraud, sexual misconduct, smuggling and kidnapping. According to the Nepal Police, the involvement of Chinese nationals in criminal activities has been increasing in recent years.

Last year, 733 foreigners involved in various crimes were arrested. They were arrested for murder, theft, organized and economic crimes, among other things. 

Among the social crimes, 263 foreigners were arrested for violating public interest, health, security and facilities, 66 for violating social order and peace, 61 for theft, 20 for financial crimes and 19 for rape.

"The involvement of foreign nationals in criminal activities is on the rise," he said. “Indian and Chinese nationals have a relatively high number of arrests for crimes of various natures.”

According to the Department of Prison Management, there are currently 1,315 foreign nationals serving their prison term in the country.


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