Over 100 houses inundated in Deukhuri

Published On: July 26, 2016 05:39 PM NPT By: Devendra Basnet

GHORAHI, July 26: Scores of houses in Deukhuri Valley of Dang district has been inundated by flood in Rapti River due to continuous rainfall since Monday.

The water level today in the river was highest in 12 years, according to locals.

Over 100 houses in Deukhuri have been inundated due to flood in the river.

District Police, Dang said that the flood swept away six houses. The swollen river has also waterlogged over 60 houses in Satbariya of the district.

DSP Prakashraj Sharma, Spokesperson at District Police Office, Dang said that the flood has inundated houses in ward numbers 2, 4 and of Satbariya VDC, adding that the flood has also damaged some mud houses.

Likewise, 16 houses in Lamahi-9, 17 houses in Lamahi-7, five houses in Lamahi-2, five houses in Sisahaniya have been waterlogged by flood in local rivers.

Police informed that Rapti River has swept away five houses in Bela-2 and one house in Bela-1.

“Houses have been damaged in many places,” DSP Sharma said, “However, no human casualty has been reported till now.”

People are living in fear as the water level in the river has not receded till this evening.

Meanwhile, life in the district has been disrupted as streams are swollen due to incessant rainfall. Transportation has come to a halt due to the swollen streams.

Flood in Gwarkhola had obstructed Ghorahi-Tulsipur road section throughout the day.

The stream also swept away a motorcycle, Ra 3 Pa 4625, according to Area Police Office, Tulsipur. The motorcyclist was rescued, said DSP Krishna Prasai.

As there are no bridges over rivulets along Lamahi-Tuslipur road section, road obstruction during monsoon is a common phenomenon.

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