International Condom Day 2019

Only 5 percent of the men use condoms, study shows

Published On: February 13, 2019 10:26 AM NPT By: Agencies

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: Every year, the 13th of February is observed as the International Condom Day with an aim to increase awareness regarding the need for condoms as a contraceptive method.

However, time and again, the importance of using condoms while having sexual intercourse is chucked aside, given the fact that ‘sex’ even in the 21st century is still considered a 'hush-hush' topic hence increasing the rate of unwanted pregnancies, STIs and STDs.

The condoms can be one of the best options for a safer sex life and are normally manufactured by latex, non-latex, lambskin, and even female condoms. The day is observed in conjunction with the Valentine's Day for creating awareness about the use of the condoms.

The day has been celebrated continually since its inception in 2009. The day is commemorated by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation all around the world.

There are a few reasons why this awareness is planned in conjunction with the Valentine's Day. It has been found through surveys that almost 65 percent of the twelfth-grade students engage in sexual intercourse. Yet another issue is sexual intercourse with the multiple partners.

Various studies suggest that only 5 percent of the men use condoms, while the goal is to make it 100 percent.

How to Celebrate International Condom Day?

Once again, that should be obvious. Spread awareness about the use of condoms and how are they useful. Some of the techniques can be:

Keep the condoms handy so that you have no issues with negligence of not using it.

Never discourage your kids when they have questions about sex or related issues. Answer them sharing the relevant examples.

Make donations to nonprofit organizations involved in spreading the awareness about the use of condoms and their benefits.

Watch movies and TV shows that are focused on the awareness of the usage of condoms.

Over 5 million condoms are used per year all over the world. Even then, there are over 19.7 million cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections being reported every year. That should give you an idea on the focus you need to pay to the use of the condoms. So, spread the awareness and commemorate the International Condom Day along with the Valentine's Day.


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