Oli-Prachanda deusi duet goes viral

Published On: November 3, 2016 11:11 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: Shaking his pot belly and shoulders at the same time Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal says to former Prime Minister Oli – 
Uttar tira farkera, 
Dakchhin tira jharkera 
Dukkha pais mangale, mane nischit rupma afnai dhangale
(By appeasing the northern neighbor and irritating the southern, you invited a lot of trouble.)
Laughter ensues from the audience. Oli retorts: 

Eutale arkolai bokeu, sarkarko miti tokyeu
Kuro bujhina maile, chunab garchhau kaile? 
(You gave chance to each other and fixed the election date, but I don’t understand when you will actually hold the elections?)

At this, Prachanda shakes his body a lot and tries to answer it well but he ends up only humming the deusi tone. He gestures that quarrel among top leaders led to this chaotic situation. He gets emotional and starts crying at which Oli consoles him and tells him that all the leaders must become one and play deusi together to develop the country.

Seeing Prachanda and Oli making such a scene, people roar with laughter while some even fall off their chairs.

​However, these are not the real PM Dahal and former PM Oli. The comedian duo Manoj Gajurel and Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) during the 19th Deusi Bhailo program in the capital on the day of Laxmi Puja this past week acted out this hilarious skit. Gajurel caricatured Dahal and Kattel represented Oli at the event jointly organized by Sinsu Pani Nepal and Royal Nepal Academy. 

But in audience were the real PM and former PM as well. While Oli looked reluctant to burst into laughter, Dahal seemed comparatively less sensitive responding to each and every stanzas of deusi. In the end when Kattel was looking upset and confused at the question of election and he begins to cry, the real Dahal off stage nearly cried too. 

The Dahal-Oli duet song was nearly 20 minutes long. Rest of time of the one hour long program was devoted to well-crafted deusi lines where the singers earnestly reviewed all major socio-political developments of the country in the past year. It spoke of sufferings and disappointments Nepalis dealt with and suggestions were made to the leaders that they must open their eyes now. Meanwhile, the deusi team did not forget to thank a few ‘individuals of the year’ for making a difference in the country through their relentless efforts. 

Those who were honored by the deusi team and cheered by the mass were Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire) – Dhurmus, chief justice Shushila Karki, SSP Sarbendra Khanal, Mahabir Pun, Dev Narayan Yadav, Sanduk Ruit, Madhendra Shahi, Om Prakash Aryal, Radheshyam Adkhikari, Santosh Rana, Dinesh Neupane and former chief secretary and ambassador to China Lilamani Poudel.  

Talking to Republica, comedian Gajurel said that the sole goal of the annual Sinsu Pani Deusi Bhailo program is to make the leadership and people more responsible and accountable.  “The program is a hit almost every year. However, this time it is going viral on the Internet. The Oli – Pranchanda Deusi duet was liked the most,” he said. 

According to him, it took two days to write the script of the entire program. “We did not need much rehearsal to act as Oli and Prachanda as both Dhurmus and I have been doing their caricature for a long time,” Gajurel shared. The YouTube video has already been viewed by tens of thousands of people both in Nepal and abroad and is the top most trending Nepali video.

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