Obstruction of Budhiganga River likely to cause outburst

Published On: July 21, 2019 07:10 AM NPT By: Krishna Oli

BAJURA, July 21: Landslides in Paima of Bajura district has threatened to block the Budhiganga River, triggering panic among the locals of a possible outburst of the collected water.

The downstream settlements are fearful of flash flood due to the obstruction of the river. Dozens of villages face risk of flash flood as the landslides continue in the area between Triveni Municipality and Budhiganga Municipality.

Although landslides have been occurring here frequently since a decade, the area has seen massive landslides only since last year.

Landslide in the area is common even during the dry season but there is more risk during the monsoon, say the locals. The incessant rainfall has accumulated a large amount of debris in river. The landslide has already diverted the flow of the river toward the side of Triveni Municipality.

There is also the risk of landslide from the slopes of Budhiganga Municipality in Amkot village. The locals fear of a catastrophe if the river gets obstructed.

Despite the widespread panic, the District Disaster Management Committee hasn’t made any preparations to face the crisis.

In case the river gets blocked, villages like Amkot, Dwari, Taprisera, Serabagar, Barjugard of Bajura as well as Budhabagar and Sanfebagar of Achham district.

Chief District Officer of Bajura, Ganga Prasad Neupane, informed Republica that the obstruction of the river poses risks to over 700 households in Bajura and Achham. 

“It could also affect Sanfebagar Airport,” said CDO Neupane.

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