No medication was given to COVID-19 patients in Baglung, self-confidence helped them beat the virus


POKHARA/ BAGLUNG, April 26: When Anshu Sapkota, 19, and Man Kumari Poudel, 65, first learnt that they had tested positive for novel coronavirus disease, they were hugely shocked. It was usual for both of them to have such feelings as tens of thousands of people have already lost their lives to this disease worldwide. 

However, their high level of confidence helped them defeat the deadly disease. Both of them have recovered and been discharged from the Baglung-based Dhaulagiri Hospital. After their return to their homes, their fellow villagers are delighted. Of them, Poudel has been suffering from asthma for the last 15 years. Lately, she also had high blood pressure.  Amid news from around the world that most of the deceased are heart and asthma patients, Poudel’s recovery has encouraged the villagers.

According to physicians, both of them did not have to take any medication during their stay at the hospital. 

Both of them had shared the same Qatar Airways’ QR 652 flight on March 17 to arrive in Nepal from Belgium via Doha, Qatar transit. Of the four passengers from Baglung traveling to Nepal from the European country in the same flight, these two had contracted the disease. Sapkota, who hails from Baglung Municipality-4, Kudule, tested positive for the deadly virus on March 26. In the course of tracing her contacts based on her travel history, Poudel’s infection was confirmed later on April 2. Poudel belongs to Baglung Municipality-3, Gaudakot. Following the confirmation of COVID-19 infection, they were admitted to the hospital. 

Both of them had gone to Belgium to visit their relatives. Anshu had left for Belgium in the first week of January to meet her family including her parents and siblings. Man Kumari had reached Belgium in February. 

Man Kumari has been taking medicines for asthma for the last fifteen years. After she was infected with COVID-19, she had high blood pressure and started taking medications for this as well. Anshu, on the other hand, did not take any medicine during her 28-day-long stay in the hospital. She was discharged on Friday evening. With a smiling face, before leaving for home, she said, “I recovered due to the encouragement and positive messages I received from all.”

“I assume that self-confidence is the biggest medicine,” said she. She is an 11the grader at Kudule Secondary School. 

Man Kumari, who returned home on April 18, is still staying in home quarantine. She said, “As I was told not to keep in touch with others for 14 days, I am strictly following it.” “While in the hospital, I missed my grandson. I have not hugged him yet, however, we two watch each other from a certain distance,” she added. 

Although she had heard that asthma patients could be troubled by COVID-19, she did not feel any difficulty. “I was confident that I would beat this disease,” she said, adding that encouraging words received from doctors and relatives energized her during her hospital stay. 

According to the physicians, these two patients recovered because of their self-confidence and positivity. Medical superintendent of Dhaulagiri Hospital, Dr Shailendra B Pokhrel said that self-confidence helps to enhance immunity. “Both the patients didn’t take any medicine except for Poudel’s asthma and heart problems,” he added. 

As these two ladies have been discharged from the hospital after recovery, Gandaki Province does not have any COVID-19 case now.

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