No interest in post of Prez: Madhav Kumar Nepal

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CPN-UML senior leader and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is very active in poll campaigning following the formation of Left Alliance. Leader Nepal, who is a candidate from the alliance from Kathmandu constituency 2, is confident on clear majority of the alliance. He is of view that the stable government is a need of an hour for the prosperity and development of the country. Saying that he is actively involved in the current politics, he has of no interest in the post of President. Shree Ram Paudel, with help of Laxmi Chaulagain, has talked with leader Nepal.

How is election campaign moving ahead?

Election campaign is going on. Poll campaign offices of the alliance are gradually established. We have recently completed door-to-door program in Surya Kot area of Kathmandu-32. Like this, we are moving ahead.

Following the restoration of democracy, this is the sixth general election. You did not contest in 1991 and 1994 elections as you were a member of National Assembly. After that, you had contested from Rautahat and Kathmandu. Now you are focused only in Kathmandu. Why did you not choose Rautahat this time?

It is not like that. I had won from both constituencies of Kathmandu in 1999. In 2008, during the first CA election, the situation was different. I was contender in the second CA election from Kathmandu in 2013 as well. This time I have focused in Kathmandu only. Since 2008, I have not left Kathmandu. In previous two elections, though I contested in two constituencies, I have cordial and active contact with the voters in Kathmandu. Comparatively, I have been in regular in touch with the voters here. As party requested me to hold in Rautahat in 2013 due to Madhesh revolution, I left Kathmandu in paper only.

I have reached every corner of this constituency. I have attended in every social and development activity of this constituency. I have always given priority to reconstruction and relief activities in this area. The locals want me not to quit this constituency. I am well aware and well informed of this. My focus is now only this area, as the locals have affections towards me. This area is enduring for me.

State-level politicians like you should have chosen in policy-making area.  But they are focused in sole constituency only. Is this correct?

As bureaucracies are unable to work independently and ministers are highly influenced politically, representatives themselves need to be involved in development of respective constituencies. Locals have expectations and wishes for the development of their areas with the help of the representatives they have elected. That is the reason we have to focus on development of the area.

This trend could be found in all parliamentary democratic country. Representatives are connected with the public and their prospect. If one is not connected with the public then there is a risk of making excuse only of policy formulating responsibility. That’s why I don’t feel this trend as erroneous. But there should be balance between development activities and policymaking.

As you mentioned that the proportion of development activities are not equally justified due to political parties and bureaucracies. But is it appropriate for you, as a senior leader, to be single-area focused politician?

If we describe contribution across the country, public ask about the input for their particular area. Public listen but are never satisfied. They think the problems in their area are more important.

Bureaucracy is not service-oriented. They do not entertain the problem of general public. But after the local level election, the situation has changed as the local representatives are elected to address the problem of the public. Once the provincial assemblies are constituted, it will more strengthen.

Till date, the basic activities of development have not started. Still, people do not have easy access to basic facilities of road, water, electricity, education and health among others. Following the formation of provincial assemblies, the activities will take place under. However, the supervision of the constituency area will be done by the elected person; we should be more area-focused. We need to work it out to make it more efficient. Politicians should be in touch with public. Public is criticizing directly elected representatives for not being connected with them. It seems that the representatives of the proportionate electoral system are contactless with the public. Development activities facilitate the strong bonding among public and representatives. However, the development fund should not be distorted.

What are the main problems of Kathmandu constituency-2?

The main problem of the area is road. There is a project of ring road in Kageshwari-Manahara. The expanded roads are dusty due to which public are facing extreme troubles. Urban infrastructure construction under smart city provision will be primary agenda.

The next thing is the delay in the ongoing projects. The contractors are not accountable to public. From contractors to minister, the structure of hierarchy should be amended. Bureaucracy is not liable. This should be stopped immediately. Therefore there should be service-oriented and stable government for the development.

You seem to be very excited following the formation of Left alliance for the stable government?

Currently, the country is webbed in corruption. All should be corruption free. The stable government formed by the left alliance will create corruption free country. Till now all the major corruption cases are related to Nepal Congress, but not with the leftist. From which we can conclude that Nepali Congress has misused the state power. It is really important to establish public-oriented and smooth administration in the country.

The stable government under the left alliance can fulfill the need of the country. Till date, no communist leaders have been convicted with corruption charges.

The government should stress on the development of means of transport. Whether it would be road, railway or air link, the development projects should be carried throughout the country.

As Nepal has high potential on hydropower, there should not be any delay in construction and operation of ongoing hydropower projects. Nepali Congress handed over Upper Tamakoshi to foreigner. But the government led by me decided to complete Tamakoshi project on our own. There are several probable projects through which the development activities can be carried out and youths can get employment do not need to fly abroad. This is only possible with stable government.

Why should public trust you?

Upper Tamakoshi project, Fast-Track, international airport in Nijgadh and Lumbini, mid-hill highway and smart city projects are examples which were possible during our government.

What do you have to say about rivals?

Rivals are very important during the elections. I do appreciate them. I do not criticize them. In fact, I expect their cooperation and I request their innovative role as opposition squad.

With the formation of alliance with Maoist, has UML erased all the bitter experience with them? Have you created any roadmap for the unification with them?

We had both better and bitter experiences. But it’s better if we forget the bitter part. In political and social practice, there is no space for bitter issues.

As there is reconciliation commission is already in operation, the commission will define and deal the cases of the insurgency.

So don’t you have to review of that period?

People have already realized that battle is not the solution.

Has Puspa Kamal Dahal realized this?

I have already told, people have already realized. I have heard those realizing days back.

There is always space for selfish in the formation of the alliance. Don’t you think politics is, as said, dirty games?

It is not a matter selfishness. If you are similar ideologically, then there is alliance.

How do you find alliance with RPP and other parties?

The alliance among the national forces is a must. All democratic force might not be the national force. But we should comprise all sectors in one track for the stability of the country.

Will there be party unification after the election? How will you allocate the post?

There will be party unification after the election. Everyone should be given appropriate post. There should not be any conflict during sharing the responsibility within the party. However, this is the second step. Various factors will play role during that process. Let us win the election first.

Do you think China has influential role in forming the left alliance?

We do not accept unnecessary interference and concerns from outsiders. There is no possibility of Chinese influence. And even India doesn’t have such role. We want balance relation with our neighbors. We need to work out on security policy and diplomatic policy of our country.

There is a rumor that you are the next presidential candidate. What do you say on this?

To be a president, you don’t need to be MP. Why should I contest in the election, if I had interest in that post? I am not still ready for the post of head of the state. I still want to be involved in active politics for which I have registered my candidacy.

Then who are the candidates for President and PM from the alliance?

We haven’t decided about that. It depends on the situation after the election. It will be decided later.

How easy is party unification process?

We had successfully formed electoral alliance passing through various hurdles. I am confident that we will come up with the party unification as well.

If left alliance will not come up with majority, how will it impact on Nepali politics?

There will be one new force created among similar parties. People have to suffer if they don’t give a clear mandate to the left alliance.

So you are not confident in securing majority?

We will secure a majority. In fact, we will get a clear majority.  Nepali Congress will be in opposition and I expect creative role from them. 

What will be the size of Nepali Congress?

It depends on their work performance and the trend they follow. People are not content with them. Their size will be shrunk.


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