No bidders for NA aircraft, spares auction

Published On: December 23, 2016 05:43 AM NPT By: Kamal Pariyar

Bids started at Rs 156 million
KATHMANDU, Dec 23: In its fourth attempt to auction off military aircraft including six helicopters, Nepal Army did not receive a single bid from any independent group or subgroup. The bidding was started at Rs 156 million. 

The last deadline for bids expired on 20th December. 

“As of the fourth bidding notice, the respective unit has not received any proposal to buy the beyond-economic-repair military aircraft, helicopters and spare parts and tools,” NA Spokesperson Brigadier General Tara Bahadur Karki said.

NA's invitation of auction bids was for the sale of an Avro (HS 748), a medium size aircraft which can carry  40 to 58 passengers and was originally designed by the British firm Avro.

The minimum auction price of the aircraft was Rs 58 million, including rotable, consumable and reparable spares and tools. 

Similarly, bids were sought for the sale of a Puma  (SA 330J) helicopter, three Alouette  (SA 316B) helicopters and two MI-17 helicopters. 

The minimum bid amount for the Puma, a twin-engine medium transport helicopter originally built by Sud Aviation of France, was Rs 64 million. The minimum sale price of the three Alouette (SA 316B) helicopters, which are single-engine light utility craft manufactured by the French company, was Rs 13 million. 

The minimum bid amount for the two Russian-made MI-17 helicopters was Rs 9 million each.  Likewise the minimum bid amounts for Sky Van spares were Rs 446,580 for the rotable parts,  Rs 1.4 million for consumable parts and Rs 585,912 for repairables.

After no bidders came forward, the Army authorities have decided to find other options under the consent of the Ministry of Defense, according to  NA's Directorate of Public Relations. 

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