Nirmala Rape-Murder Case

Nirmala's rape and murder leaves her friends battling with mental stress

Published On: August 29, 2018 06:00 AM NPT By: PUSHPARAJ JOSHI / RAJENDRA BHATTA

MAHENDRAMNAGAR, Aug 29: The rape and murder of 13-year-old Nirmala Panta of Bhimdatta Panta Municipality-2 has created stir across the country. This case has set an example of how truth will find its way no matter how hard someone tries to hide evidences. In the meantime, it has also mentally disturbed many girls, especially those who were close to the victim.

Nirmala's friends have been dealing with great mental stress after the heinous incident. Girls studying in Saraswati Secondary School of Bhimdatta Municipality-2 have not been able to get rid of the trauma even after a month of Nirmala's rape and murder.

Stating that she has been unable to concentrate on her studies after the incident, Laxmi Badu said, "I often see her face after entering the classroom."

Likewise, another student Puja Chaudhary says it brings a chill down her spine every time she walks through the way near the sugarcane field where the body of Nirmala was thrown after rape and murder.

"My eyes automatically stare toward the place from where Nirmala's body was recovered," said Chaudhary. Earlier, she used to walk the same way without any fear but now she can barely walk alone.

"There are dense trees and bushes near the canal and that scares us a lot," said Chaudhary. However, she is not the only one as girls of the entire class (grade nine) where Nirmala had been studying have been struggling with mental stress. They are scared that they might possibly be the victim of similar incident in the future. They have demanded for the arrest of the culprit as soon as possible.

"If the real culprit is not booked anytime soon, he will be encouraged to commit the same crime in the future," said another student Jyoti Joshi.

Nirmala's friend recall her as a talented student with helpful nature. Since Nirmala's death, girls often spend their break time talking about her.

Meanwhile, girls have demanded to clean up the bush near the sugarcane field and establish a police beat there so that they can go to school without any fear.

The school's principal Jagganath Pandey admitted that Nirmala's death has created great panic among the girls. "They have started losing concentration and thinking too much," said Pandey.

To make girls concentrate on their studies, teachers have started sharing interesting stories. "We started sharing interesting stories with them for their refreshment," Pandey added. According to him, it will be a great respite for the students if the real perpetrator is arrested soon. 'They will feel a little less unsafe after that," he said.

Caption: Friends of Nirmala Panta who have been dealing with mental stress after her rape and murder.

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