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Published On: November 18, 2016 09:59 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Seven useful websites that you cannot (and should not) do without

The first thing many of us do the minute we open our eyes in the morning is reach for our phones to check Instagram, scroll those Facebook posts, read some news, or just browse through the vast online world till we absolutely have to get out of bed. Why not make these minutes productive and positive and start the day on a good note? Here are some useful websites that will help you do just that and more. 

The Minds Journal
A thought is a very powerful weapon of the mind – it attracts similar energy and thoughts that leads to a particular mindset and thus the whole perception of an individual. The Minds Journal is dedicated to cater to these small thoughts that linger in our mind and can change our whole being – because everything is in the mind. With the anthem, ‘A healthy mind is the key to a healthy soul and a healthy body’, The Minds Journal provides an array of thought-provoking journals, mind games, videos and astrology to help us fuel our mind and souls, recharge ourselves, and enjoy the power of our mind. is a radio for the mind. With 10 free sessions of around an hour each, offers music that helps us focus better and relax as well. It offers different categories of sessions ranging from focus that can be listened to while working or engaging in creative activities to relax that can be used while taking a break or during meditation and finally, sleep that can be played on while taking a nap or sleeping. You can achieve better results by using a headphone and the website guarantees effectiveness within the first ten minutes of listening to the music it has to offer. 

Shareably is a great website if you’re a DIY fan, an animal lover, a foodie always on the hunt for the perfect recipe, seeking inspirations in life or simply browsing through the internet for entertainment purposes. This is a great way to connect with fellow DIY inventors and do-gooders and create a platform for the creative soul. Shareably claims to be the new generation of storytellers. From plants that help cure insomnia if planted in bedrooms and Halloween inspired makeovers to nifty tips and tricks to make gardening cheap and inexpensive, Shareably offers everything you could ever think of.

For the voracious reader, goodreads is an absolute utopia. From summary to reviews, discussions, availability on the internet, pricings and an active debate on any books, goodreads provides all this information in its attractively designed website page that has a user friendly interface. Goodreads also helps you keep track of books that you would like to read, while also providing an active community that helps you access the most inspirational quotes, discussions, trivia, quizzes, creative writing, events, people and so on. You can even ask popular authors like Jonathan Safran Foer and Jung Yun questions regarding their works and share your opinions. So sign up with a free account and get ready to meet your next favorite book and author.

With more than 18 million followers, BrightSide is a website entirely devoted to entertainment and fun and useful information. For those who are in need of inspiration, there can be many informative techniques related to psychology, relationship issues and health to be discovered in its pages. For the creative soul, the website offers a wide array of ways to transform one’s apartment to creative ideas to transform old furniture into brand new wonders. BrightSide is a must- stop for everyone from aspiring home decorators looking to perk up their space to glamor fans who prefer to be armed with all the latest gossip to make that dinner party interesting. 

Founded in 2011 as a guide to Berlin’s art scene, today Berlin ArtParasites is a global platform for creative content from different artistic disciplines. Berlin ArtParasites is probably one of the best websites for the flummoxed and the wandering soul. Ranging from beautifully crafted words and poetry about love, pain, melancholy and wanderlust, ArtParasites is that therapeutic read we all need once in a while. The visuals are clever and artsy in nature that keep the reader hooked. Plus, the newsletters that it offers makes sure that the readers are aware and in love with every inspirational article and motivational quote published. 

Gadget Review
Gadget Review was founded with an intention to provide honest expert reviews that will help people make the right service, software and product purchase. Their team of experts continuously research hundreds of products, software, and services so you don’t have to. The result is easy to read editorial and consumer reviews, best of lists, top ten comparisons, how to’s, and everything in between. Gadget Review provides reviews on everything ranging from the best DSLR camera of 2016 to nifty vacuum cleaners. So the next time you want to buy a new phone, camera, or any home appliance, you know where to do your research. 

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