Nepali migrant worker found dead in Malaysia

Published On: March 17, 2017 08:56 AM NPT

DHANUSHA, March 17: A man from Dhanusha who had gone to Malaysia for work has been found dead in suspicious circumstances. 

Santosh Singh, 21, from Hansapur Kathapulla of Dhanusha district was found dead in the premises of the house where he had been staying at Puchung, Malaysia, Dhirendra Paswan, who works at the same place where Singh worked, informed the Singh family. 

According to Paswan, Singh was found hanging in the premises of the house where he lived. He had been working at the Nigai Hing Foundry Works in Malaysia for the last two years. The company where Singh worked has stated that it has taken the incident seriously. Paswan said they are taking initiatives to send Singh's body to Nepal. 

Meanwhile, another man from Dhanusha district who was in Qatar in course of employment has been reported as missing since the last eight years. He is Naresh Kumar Yadav of Ramdaiya Bhawadi, Kshireshwarnath Municipality. 

The Yadav family here is distressed after Naresh became incommunicado. It is stated that after three years in Qatar, Yadav had informed his family that he was returning to Nepal. It is also said that he had boarded a flight to Nepal but nothing is known about him till now. 
Naresh's father, Ram Bir Yadav, had reached Kathmandu to receive his son but he had to return with a heavy heart after his son did not arrive. The Yadav senior has urged the bodies concerned to find the whereabouts of his missing son. 

The Yadav family, that is very poor, has been in great distress since Naresh went missing as he was the sole bread-earner for the entire family of five. RSS 

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