Nepal role for talks over Doklam urged

Published On: August 22, 2017 08:01 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, August 22: Many scholars and experts from various sectors have suggested that Nepal, which has been playing a key role in International Peacekeeping, could also act as a lynchpin for a peaceful dialogue between China, India and Bhutan to resolve the ongoing Doklam standoff.

Former bureaucrats, security experts, professors and intellectuals from various sectors at an interaction organized by Nepal Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) in Kathmandu on Monday emphasized the need of resolving the issue through a diplomatic means. Renowned scholars, professors, intellectuals, former bureaucrats, security experts and senior media personalities took part in the discussion. 

“Many viewed that such tension of more than nine weeks now was damaging and opined that if this matter is left unresolved between the two Asian powers it can damage the geopolitical setting affecting the region and the neighbors,” read a statement issued by NISS on Monday.

“A brief analytic discussion was composed for the rationale of Bhutan - China ambassadorial relationship that could ease their border issue, at present and in future, who share around 470 km of common border and discussed the indulgence of third party in the scene.”

In the context of regionalism and globalization intertwined, the peace and stability must be the priority of all, and as far as Nepal is concerned in this latest geopolitical setting she should be diplomatically neutral and be able to make an environment where actually the affected nations are more positive for a greater friendship, it said.

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