Nepal needs 5 rails after 1 year

Published On: January 10, 2017 08:45 PM NPT By: Pushpa Raj Koirala  | @pushpa_koirala

BARDIBAS, Jan 10: Jayanagar Railway track is being constructed. It will be completed within a year. But, Nepal does not have a rail of its own. So, whose rail will run on the track following the construction?

Director General (DG) of Department of Railways (DoR), Ananta Acharya says, ‘‘so far it has not been finalized, whose rail will run.’’

Four old diesel engine rails are under the ownership of Nepal Railways Corporation Ltd. But the old diesel engine rails cannot run on the Bardibas-Jayanagar railway which is being upgraded.

On the other hand, DoR is planning to ask India for rails on behalf of the government.

DG Acharya said, ‘‘The Bardibas-Jayanagar railway track is being constructed with the help of India. India can provide the grant for the initial operation of the rails.’’

He is of the opinion that it may be unproductive to buy rails until a railway track of over 200 kilometers isn’t constructed.

It currently costs Rs 250-500 millions to buy a rail in the world market depending on its speed and payload capacity.

And, Nepal may require five rails - two express rails, two local rails along with an alternative rail- for the operation of Bardibas-Jayanagar railway track after construction work comes to an end.

So, Nepal may have to spend over Rs 3 billion for the operation of railway service.

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