NC, UML leads in 5-5 municipalities

Published On: May 17, 2017 05:45 PM NPT By: Smriti Dhungana  | @aesmriti

KATHMANDU, May 17: Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-UML takes lead in five-five Kathmandu Municipalities in the first phase of local elections. 

According to the latest vote count, NC has taken lead in the Chandragiri, Tokha, Gokarneshwor, Kageshwori Manahara and Nagarjun municipalities in Kathmandu.

While, UML is ahead in Dakshinkali, Shankarapur, Tarkeshwor, Kirtipur and Budhanilkantha municipalities. 

NC's Upendra karki is ahead in the mayoral post of Kageshwori Manahara Municipality with 1503 votes and UML's Krishna Hari Thapa has 1232 votes. While in the deputy mayor post, NC's Anita Adhikari is ahead with 1587 votes andd Bindu Sigdel has 1337 votes. 

In the mayoral post of Gokarneshwor Municipality, Santosh Chalise of NC is leading by 3924 votes and Punya Chaulagain of CPN-UML has 2864 votes. Shanti Nepal of NC is ahead in the deputy mayor post with 3915 votes and Shanti Shrestha of CPN-UML has 3045 votes. 

In the mayoral posts of Tokha Municipality, NC's Harihar Adhikati has 4052 votes while, CPN-UML has 3656. In deputy mayor post, NC's Rajani Thapa has 3891 votes and Gyan Maya Dangol of CPN-UML has 3790 votes. 

Meanwhile in Tarkeshwor Municipality, CPN-UML overcomes NC to get  in mayoral post. UML's Ram Krishna Bohara is ahead by 2866 votes and NC's Shree Ram Thapa is second with 2842 votes. While, CPN-UML has 620 votes and NC has 529 votes in the deputy mayor post. 

In the mayoral post of Chandragiri Municipality, NC's Ghanshyam Giri is way ahead by 5276 votes, CPN-UML's Prahlad Karki has 2084 votes and CPN (Maoist Center)'s Shree Krishna Shrestha has 1685 votes. Likewise in the deputy mayor post, NC's Indira Shrestha is ahead by 4130 votes, CPN-UML's Lisa Nakarmi has 3354 votes and CPN (Maoist Center)'s Urmila Roka has garnered 1746 votes. 

The vote count which was halted in the Kirtipur Municipality due to disputes of vote count has been resumed. In the mayoral post, CPN-UML's Ramesh Maharjan is ahead with 3043 votes, NC's Rajkumar is behind with 2824 votes and Hira Bahadur Maharjan has 1457 votes. 

Likewise in Dakshinkali Municipality, CPN-UML's Shashi Sharma is ahead by 3140 votes, NC's Mohan Basnet is second with 2880 votes and CPN (Maoist Center)'s Urgen Lama just has 1330 votes. In deputy mayor post, NC's Basanti Tamang has 2977 votes, Meera Acharya of CPN-UML has 1340 votes and CPN (Maoist Center)'s Kamala Bohara has 978 votes. 

Whereas, CPN-UML's Uddhav Kharel has taken lead in the Budhanilkantha of mayoral posts with 3562 votes, NC's Raju Shrestha is second with 2571 votes and MC has 1150 votes. While in the deputy mayor post, CPN-UML's Rama Rai is ahead with 3840 votes, NC's Subhadra Khadka has 2785 votes and MC has 1112 votes.  

NC's Mohan Basnet garnered 1473 votes and Krishna Hari Khatri of CPN-UML has 1430 votes in the Nagarjun Municipality in mayoral post but CPN-UML's Susheela Adhikari has 1476 votes and NC's Kalyani Khadka has 1365 votes in the deputy mayor post. 

CPN-UML's Subarna Shrestha has been victorious in the mayoral post of Shankarapur Municipality with 4833 votes and NC's Shankar Tiwari garnered 2950 votes.  Also, CPN-UML's Shukra Laxmi Shakya guaranteed deputy mayor post with 4501 votes and NC's Manju khadka garnered 2911 votes.

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