Name, capital of Province 2 to be decided through voting

Published On: January 17, 2022 12:08 PM NPT By: Mithilesh Yadav

JANAKPURDHAM, Jan 17: Province 2 is in the process of being converted from a number to letters. In a meeting held on Sunday, the members of the provincial assembly seemed to be unanimous on the issue of a permanent capital of the province, but they were divided on its name.

A special committee was formed under the leadership of the Speaker of the Provincial Assembly Saroj Kumar Yadav to reach consensus on the name. However, there was no consensus on the name from the discussion. The report prepared by the special committee has been presented in the provincial assembly meeting. In the report, it has been concluded that the issue of naming the province should be resolved through secret ballot.

According to the report prepared by the committee headed by provincial Speaker Yadav, voting will now be held on four proposed names of the province and two options for its capital.

The proposed names of the province are Madhes, Janaki, Mithila Bhojpura and Madhya Madhesh.

Similarly, whether Janakpur or Birgunj will be the capital of Province 2 will also be decided through the voting.

There is a constitutional provision that at least a two-thirds majority of the existing members of the provincial assembly should agree on naming the province and its capital. There are currently 104 members in the provincial assembly, including six parties and one independent member.


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