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Published On: July 6, 2018 09:06 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

From games to photo editing tools, there is a lot that we keep on our phones. Our smartphones would be pretty useless without the many apps we download on a regular basis from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Often what we download is based on recommendations or ratings. With more than 3.5 million apps on the play store, discovering a new app that can change the way we use our phones can be an intimidating task. So The Week has some recommendations. We assure you that these amazing apps will not only unbox your phone’s full potential but yours too. 

Available on: Android and iOS
This is a very interesting mobile application for all you inquisitive minds out there. This app helps in identifying plants, flowers, fruits, trees, cacti and mushrooms very easily. Simply take a picture of a plant through this application and PlantSnap will identify it for you.  

As claimed by the app, the software currently detects 90% of all known species of plants and trees around the globe. So this involves almost all the plants that you have at home or will come across while visiting any country around the globe.

This mobile application currently has 316,000 species of plants in their database and 90% of them are trained into their artificial intelligence algorithm. With more than 900 million images in their database, this app is not only very interesting but extremely effective as well. 

Terribly Tiny Tales 
Available on: Android and iOS
This is an amazing app where you can both read and write extremely short yet interesting stories. The works that they publish are refined and fascinating. All their stories fit in a single mobile screen. The best part about this app is that its has a convenient and simplistic design with no other distractions. 

Download this application and never be bored again. With reading materials that you can enjoy in less than a minute or two, you can easily get your daily dose of reading when you have this app on your phone. It can also be a much-awaited platform for writers where they can build their own community. Terribly Tiny Tales is also where you can discover new and talented writers. 

Floating Notes 
Available on: Android 

Floating Notes is an application that helps you create sticky notes that are visible even while using other applications. It’s easy to use and simple. The things you need to remember sits on your screen and can be seen with just a click. Also, removing and deleting your reminders is simple and easy. 

This is one of the best applications available in this category because it has multiple select, delete, copy and merge notes options on a simple menu bar. The only drawback of this application is the constant advertisements that pop up but that’s a small price to pay for an app that never lets you forget an important task. 

Available on: Android, iOS, and Amazon Apps 

This is a very easy way to save articles, videos, photos and almost everything from your browser (on your PC or mobile phone) to your phone. You can also save links directly from apps such as Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, and Zite. 

For this application to work you just have to save the links like you ‘bookmark’ a URL from your PC or phone. All the saved links are then saved on your Pocket application that may be on your phone, tablet, and computer. This best part about this application is that, once saved, you can open these links without even needing the internet.  

My Eyes Protection 
Available on: Android 

If you are constantly on your phone, then this application is a must have for you. It has been designed to protect your eyes while using your phone or tablet screen. It cuts off harmful blue light with a specially designed filter and prevents any kind of sleep deprivation problems. 

The application also gives constant reminders to take breaks and do some eye exercises. This app is very helpful in reducing eye strain and keeping your eyes healthy. With a special feature, this app can also make your phone screen look like paper, which comes in handy if you often read on your phone. 

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder 
Available on: Android and iOS 

This is a great application for those looking to work on their vocabulary. But it is especially useful for students who are appearing for English language examinations such as GRE, TOFEL or SAT. Magoosh is an online prep company that specializes in teaching the GRE, GMAT, SAT and TOFEL through videos and online classes. Although you will have to pay for their online class, their special vocabulary builder application is available for free. 

The entire wordlist in this application is designed and selected by specialized tutors. This is a fun vocabulary game and you can easily learn up to 1200 most important words through this application. This is designed for a fun learning experience where each level you beat unlocks a harder one with more words and more advanced vocabulary. Words you do not know will appear on your screen again and again till you master them. 

Available on: Android and iOS

Curiosity makes you smarter. And this online education site that aggregates content from various educational and instructional resources (such as courses, articles, and videos), that can be filtered by subjects and topics, course cost, and other factors has an app that’s just so fun to scroll through. You can simply read the articles you are interested in at the touch of a button. This is where you will get the best of the web at minimal effort. The advertisements can get a little annoying but a monthly or yearly subscription, at a nominal fee, can easily fix that. 

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