Mujaffarpur-Dhalkebar transmission line comes into full operation

Published On: August 17, 2018 12:02 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, Aug 17: The Dhalkebar charge substation of Mujaffarpur- Dhalkebar transmission line of Dhanusha has come into operation since yesterday night.

“The 220 and 132 KV Dhalkebar substation is the largest transmission line of the country. It came into operation since 11 PM yesterday (Thursday),” Kulman Ghishing, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority said.

Earlier, Nepal had been importing electricity from India through the 132 KV transmission line of Dhalkebar. It was yesterday that Nepal used the 220 KV transmission line to import electricity. Upon operation, electricity from the 220 KV transmission line has started.  

“The operation of Dhalkebar substation is a milestone to improve internal electricity transmission and trade between the two countries,” Ghishing said adding that they were constructing another 400/200 KV substation. “We aim to complete the construction within a year and half.” Construction of 400 KV cross border Dhalkebar-Mujaffarpur transmission line had been completed.

The Dhalkebar substation can be operated and monitored from the NEA’s office in Kathmandu. The substation has two transformers, 160 MVA and 220/132 KV. The NEA believes that the substation will help to meet electricity needs of Nepal during winter. “When the construction of 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi completes, Nepal can sell surplus electricity to India from the same transmission line,” Prabal Adhikari, NEA’s spokesperson said. Around 100 MW of electricity is being imported at the moment.

Last year, Nepal had imported 120 MW of electricity from the transmission line during winter. This year, it can import additional 150 MW of electricity.



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