Model houses completed for tornado reconstruction

Published On: May 28, 2019 05:30 AM NPT By: Upendra Yadav

BARA, May 28: Three model houses have been built by the Nepal Army at different locations in Bara to guide the army's construction team for the rehabilitation of hundreds of the recent tornado victims. The houses have been constructed in Fulbariya, Chainpur and Purainiya of the district.

The foundation stones of the reconstruction project were laid on May 4 to help revive the lives of Bara's residents post the March 31 tornado.

“We have built the model houses with an aim to show to those concerned, what to expect,” said Brigaded General Binjaya Bikram Rana, who also happens to lead the People's Housing Task Force. “The model houses have made it easy for both the army personnel and those affected by the tornado,” he further added.

Brigaded General Rana also notified of have used environment-friendly materials in the construction of the model houses. He also confirmed the use of innovative Korean corrugated zinc sheets meant specifically for the extremely hot weather during the summer months. He also assured of the houses' adaptability with the extremes of summer, winter and monsoon.

Rana also notified about the incomplete decorations of the houses, ensuring its completion within a couple of days. He also confirmed the fast track pace of the construction's first phase. The first phase aims to complete 482 houses.

The reconstruction plan aims to complete 482 houses in each of its three phases.The project designed to be completed within three months is said to have employed workers accordingly. Nepal Army personnel also informed of the army's determination to complete the project within the deadline.

Brigadier General Rana informed that each house will have two rooms, a balcony and a bathroom upon completion. Rana also confirmed the cost of each house to be at Rs 545,000, including the Value Added Tax.

The District Administration Office, Bara, had initially released a report confirming that a total of 2493 houses weer destroyed in the eight local units of the district. The army has however planned to complete the reconstruction of only 1362 houses which were completely destroyed by the tornado.

The houses to be rebuilt include 174 houses in Feta Rural Municipality-1, Bhaluhi; 68 in Feta Rural Municipality-6; 188 in Kalaiya Sub Metropolitan City-18, Mangadhawa; one in Kalaiya Sub Metropolitan City-12; 15 in Kalaiya Sub Metropolitan City-13; 143 in Suwarna Rural Municipality -4; 65 in Suwarna Rural Municipality—8; 20 in Suwarna Rural Municipality-5; 156 in Prasauni Rural Municipality-4; 57 in Mahagadhimai Municipality-7; 77 in Devtal Rural Municipality ; 28 in Pachrauta Municipality-7; seven in Pachrauta Municipality-2 and 272 in Parwanipur Rural Municipality-4 and seven are planned to completed within three months of the stated reconstruction plan.

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