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Published On: May 5, 2017 09:04 AM NPT By: Isha Upadhyay

A newly opened joint at mid-Baneshwor, it is quite easy to locate Dining Park Restaurant and Lounge Bar as it stands out from the rest of the buildings that surround it because of its unique façade. You will find yourself wondering how they maintain the pristine white buildings as soon as step inside. Although located in a busy area, you will not hear or feel much of the outside world once you are inside the building premises and that, in itself, is quite lovely. 


Garlic Potato

If you are feeling particularly rebellious and want to deviate from your typical plate of French fries, this is a good option for you. Although not as crispy as French fries, this is coated in herbs that lend it a unique taste. The garlic flavor is subtle and not as overpowering as the name might suggest. The potato is marinated with a lot of herbs, which includes basil, thyme, rosemary and hot paprika. The use of parsley oil in the potatoes gives it an interesting twist as it is a flavor we aren’t quite used to. But this starter leaves you wishing the potatoes were just a little crispier. 

Chicken with tomato rice
The meat that accompanies the meal is quite tough, hard to cut through, and slightly overcooked. Nevertheless, the chicken tastes good. The marinade used on the chicken is so good that you forget the battle it took to get there. Do you wish the chicken was slightly tender and juicer? Yes. Will you still enjoy the piece of meat anyways? Yes again. The flavors that burst in your mouth, with an occasional hit of pepper, make you scrape off and savor every bite of the dish. Be sure to eat around the beetroot leaf if you don’t like the earthy overpowering taste of beetroot. The thin slices of the same add a slightly sweet element to the rice. 

Crunchy vegetable wrap
This dish comes out of the kitchen looking like it could be straight of a MasterChef episode. It is vegetables wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep-fried that is served on a bed of sauce with a grilled cherry tomato on the side. There are small pieces of chives that are artfully placed around the plate which are really flavorsome as well. But the taste of the food doesn’t live up to the standards set by the presentation of the dish. Had the breadcrumbs coating been a little thinner, the dish would have been perfect. The use of three different kinds of mushroom in the dish doesn’t go unnoticed and they go well with the carrots, bok choy and cabbage. If you have kids who refuse to eat vegetables, you should perhaps give this dish a go. 


Amongst the mocktails collections they have, the virgin mojito is by far the best. It’s a fresh and refreshing drink designed to help you battle scorching summer days. The cocktails, however, feel a bit watered down. With no hint of alcohol in it, both in smell and taste, this may not be the best place to come to solely get a drink or two. These drinks work if you want a pick me up in the middle of the workday, where you want to have a drink but still need a clear head for that important meeting post lunch. The presentation of the drinks is stunning, making you almost forgive and forget the not-so-strong cocktails.

Smoked chicken & corn salad
The sweet corn and the smoked chicken work together really well to tantalize the taste buds. The vibrant colors of the corn, chicken, bits of tomatoes, and capsicum make you want to whip out your phone to take a photo or two before digging in. The sweetness of corn nicely complements the fresh taste of the tomatoes, which even a raw tomato hater will enjoy, if they are brave enough to take a mouthful. The portion of the dish and the presentation of the food are well thought out and it’s a perfect dish to have if you want something healthy that also tastes good.    

The wait staffs are friendly and accommodating and well versed with the menu. The water glass in your table won’t get a chance to be empty for long with them checking on you at regular intervals. The food, however, takes quite a while to reach your table. Make sure you reach well before lunchtime so that you aren’t starving by the time food arrives. The presentation of the dish makes it plainly obvious why it takes so much time to ready the food. Every plate is meticulously made and there is no compromise on the aesthetics. 

A rustic looking house, clean garden area, and an open terrace make you feel like you have been transported to a quaint place somewhere in Europe. The Mediterranean feel of the place is largely due to the while buildings that are on the premises of the Dining Park and a play on the wood and glass combination. There is a coffee shop, bar, fine dining area, a small conference hall, garden and terrace areas as well as a private seating area that is perfect for meetings. Whatever mood you are in, there is a place and comfortable seating to suit your dining experience. Brown, earthy tones with the white walls give the dining areas a luxurious feel while also making the rooms feel cooler.   

(Lunch and Dinner for two: Rs 1500 without alcoholic drinks)


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