Ministry declines funds to parliament for 23 new vehicles

Published On: November 27, 2018 05:30 AM NPT

The ministry has assured to release only Rs 30 million for purchasing five new vehicles in the current fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, Nov 27: Turning down parliament's request for funds to buy 23 new vehicles for the National Assembly chairperson and other office bearers, the Ministry of Finance has given its nod to release budget for only five new vehicles.

The parliament secretariat had demanded Rs 200 million for the purchase of 23 new vehicles for National Assembly Chairman Ganesh Timalsina, chief whips and chairpersons of various parliamentary committees and furniture and computers for the secretariat.

Responding to the demand, the ministry has written to the parliament secretariat that the government is unable to provide the sought amount in the current fiscal year. The ministry has assured to release only Rs 30 million for purchasing five new vehicles in the current fiscal year, said a senior official at the ministry.

“Finance Ministry has said that they don't have adequate budget for the purchase of new vehicles, computer and furniture for the parliament secretariat,” said under-secretary at the parliament secretariat Dilliram Rijyal, who heads the internal management department.

Parliament secretariat had decided to purchase two vehicles costing over 10 million for the chair and vice chair of the National Assembly, one jeep each for the 16 parliamentary committees and for the chief whips and whips of the five political parties.

The decision of the ministry comes amid public outcry over the government decision to purchase luxury fleet worth Rs 180 million, for the president.

Parliament secretariat had decided to buy new vehicles while leaving over a dozen working condition vehicles unused. According to vehicle management department of the parliament, the legislative body has 90 vehicles in total. Head of the department under-secretary Kanchha Dulal said about 70 vehicles are in working condition while the rest others will need maintenance.

Parliament secretariat had demanded Rs 180 million for 23 vehicles for office bearers and Rs 2 million for 30 motorcycles and 43 computers.

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