Migrant Workers' Rights Caravan 2017 kicks off

Published On: July 20, 2017 12:57 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, JULY 20:Amnesty International Nepal has launched a Tarai-centric public awareness and pressure campaign on the rights of the Nepali migrant workers.

The campaign named "Migrant Workers' Rights Caravan 2017" kicked off from Kakarvitta, Jhapa today and will conclude in Kanchanpur of far western Nepal on July 31.

Organizer says the campaign will be focused specifically in the districts of Terai on the basis of the density of the migration outflow of youths for foreign employment. More than 50 percent of an estimated 2.5 million Nepali migrant working in various labour destinations are from 20 districts of terai plain. In addition, every year hundreds of thousands of people seasonally migrate to work in various Indian cites.

"This Caravan campaign is being organized with an objective of informing the Nepali foreign employment aspirants of their rights and the ways on how to claim justice in case of violations of those rights, and how to go for foreign employment in a safe manner. The Caravan also aims to exert positive pressure on the Government of Nepal to take steps to address the problems prevalent in the foreign employment sector", said Thapaliya.

In a statement, AI Nepal said that it will organize various programs including mass interaction, street drama, dance, flash-mob, demons, signature collection etc. in public places. People from all walks of life are expected to join the 11-day long campaign.

Amnesty International has been carrying out various research and campaign activities relating to the protection and promotion of human rights of Nepali migrant workers. Lately, in June 2017, Amnesty launched another report entitled 'Turning People into Profits', highlighting that there still has been no significant improvement in the condition of human rights of migrant workers, and has recommended the government to take initiatives to address problems of exploitation, fraudulent activities, ill-treatment and forced labour that prevail in Nepal and other destination countries.



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