Medics feel the need to transfer Dr. KC to ICU soon

Published On: January 14, 2019 11:38 AM NPT By: Bhim Chapagain

ILAM, Jan 14: Amid quick deterioration of Dr. Govinda KC's health condition, doctors fear that he might soon be shifted to a hospital that provides intensive care -- a specialty the Ilam Hospital currently lacks, according to Dr. Bijendra Kumar Shah.

"We neither have ICU nor anesthesia or critical care experts or high-grade medicines required to save him," he said adding that if his health conditions continued to deteriorate, he would need to be shifted to better health centers -- either at Biratnagar or Dharan.

"He is suffering from pneumonia and is dehydrated. This has led to multiple problems at a time," Shah said adding that Dr. KC had declined to accept medicines that would help to control the heartbeat. "We are using normal oxygen and saline," he added.  

Dr KC was rushed to the hospital at 9 am after the doctors detected his heartbeat irregular. Dr Ram Krishna Acharya, who is involved in the treatment, said that Dr KC is having chest infection and tonsil. Test report shows KC's blood pressure dropped to 90/60, heartbeat reached 100 and oxygen level at 89%, according to Dr. Shah of Ilam hospital.  

In the past six days, doctors have tested his blood four times. Each test has shown Dr. KC's failing health conditions. "Yesterday, KC had ectopic heartbeat (a heartbeat  when the heart either skips a beat or adds an extra beat. They are also called premature heartbeats.). We had informed the Chief District Officer about Dr. KC's health condition at night itself," he added.

Dr. KC is on his 16th hunger strike in Ilam district after the government failed to fully implement the agreement it had reached with Dr. KC and eventually ended KC's 15th fast-unto-death in Jumla.  

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