Medical negligence deaths, a challenge to medical sector

Published On: June 28, 2019 07:30 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, June 28: A two-day seminar kicked off today to discuss about developing strengthened mechanism to avoid deaths from preventable medical errors and ensure safety of patients.

During the opening session, health professionals expressed their concern over the unwanted circumstances. But, in Nepal, no research about this topic has so far been conducted by any organization.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that, among ten patients, is at risk of preventable medical errors and facing untimely death.

Similarly, of total deaths in the South Asia, 27 percent are due to preventable medical errors. Patients subject to several sorts of infection due to atmosphere at facilities, to wrong treatment and surgery, administration of wrong medicines, an overdose and injuries within the health facility, according to them.

Medical professionals from the WHO, US, UK and the SAARC region will present separate papers on the theme of identifying elements affecting patients visiting health facilities for health service and guaranteeing their safety.

Speaking on the seminar's opening session, Shukraraj Tropical Hospital's director Dr Basu Dev Pandey was of the view that it was the first and foremost responsibility of hospital and health professionals to render safe medical treatments to patients and the government had taken the issue very seriously and was committed to its implementation.

But, a team work with access to standard medical equipment and trusted pathology service is required to ensure patients' safety. Sometimes, the issue becomes challenging when the treatment procedure went beyond the requirements. Lately, the efforts to control dengue in the Tarai/Madhesh face challenges and on this condition, health facilities should be sensitive.

Department of Health Services' Dr Arjun Sapkota highlighted the need of collective and coordinated efforts among all stakeholder concerns to avoid deaths from medical malpractices. Dr Giridhar Gyani from India describes the deaths from medical error a challenge in the medical sector.

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